We’re 10 Years Old! Happy 10th Anniversary, Jaguda.com

    jaguda at 10

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Who would’ve thought that when we began this website as a photography/event coverage, entertainment and gist platform in March of 2009 that we would get to this point 10 years later.

    It’s been a very interesting journey through the years, and those of you that have been with us from day 1 know that we’ve morphed considerably throughout the whole process. But most importantly, we’ve grown a lot. Both as a company but I myself have grown as an individual through this process.

    First and foremost, I personally would like to thank God, for allowing us not just the opportunity to grow as a platform but for giving us life to see it reach 10 years old. I think back to when this started, and would never have imagined I’d be typing a 10year anniversary post.

    I’d also like to give a big Thank You to my co-founders, Emeka Okpukpara (Mekus), and Leeda Agunwa. You guys are part of the bedrock of this platform.

    To our early contributors from back in the day, Angry Mob (Obinna), Original Mgbeke, Taynement, Verastic, Nonso, Mina, Oyato, 9jaSoulja, Eva Alordiah, Evaezi, Nyore, Christine, Zednani, Chuka, 60Watz, Tiny Miyo, Chinedu, Odenigbo, Dominic James, Sese, Nwavic, Sly and all others who contributed to the site as some point or another (Please no vex if I forgot you 🙁 )

    Thanks to all the music artists, executives, event planners, advertising agencies, fashion houses, actors/actresses and everyone in the industry who has supported us in some form or fashion.

    To our outstanding staff (both past and current), Ayo Jaguda (Mr trouble maker lol), Bilo, DJ Ruffee, George KD, Ini Arthur, Bob Alash, Igoche, Angela, Ashley Okoronkwo, Adaoha, Nnenna, Thank you guys so much for contributing heavily to the success of our platform.

    And finally, we’d like to Thank YOU! The user who comes here to get your dose of music and entertainment. God bless you, and we pray that, as He has done it for us so far, He will make all your dreams and goals come true. We will be nowhere without you.

    We promise to remain dedicated and committed to bring you everything African music and entertainment related. It’s our honor to be part of those promoting African music (and culture) globally.

    Thank you again for all your support!

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