There’s Actually Coronavirus Songs Making Waves


Yep! You already know the good people of the coronavirus earth. No matter how crazy things to be or how scared and anxious everyone is, there are some people willing to keep us entertained.

A few artists have already taken to the studio to record songs about the coronavirus pandemic that’s gripping the entire world. I mean why not get some entertainment right? Even Cardi B is in on the fun.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve come across:

Gmac Cash’s Hypochondriac Anthem

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash is out here with a mask and disinfectant and drops some bars in hi “Coronavirus” music video. “I’ma chill at the crib ’cause I’m safe here / I ain’t even about to drink a Corona beer / I’m bout to stay at the crib for about a year”


From Vietnam, this instructional video from “Ghen Co Vy” by K. Hung, Min and Erik does what it’s supposed to do, and that is to educate. Written in collaboration with Vietnam’s National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, the PSA takes the tune of a V-pop hit called “Ghen” and recruits its original singers for the vocals. 

A Cardi B Coronavirus Remix

So this isn’t really really featuring Cardi B but more her voice. Producer iMarkkeyez made a trap-EDM remix that uses a clip of Cardi B yelling about her coronavirus anxieties and frustrations at government inaction on her Instagram. This one has actually gone up the charts since Cardi B talked about it.

Yograngel’s End-of-Days Dance Party

Dembow, from the Dominican Republic, just dropped this as a way for partying until the world finally ends from the coronavirus. I mean he’s turning up in an ambulance. Why not?


British rapper Psychs delivers bars pretty much summarizing what everyone’s thinking about social distancing as the new norm.


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