EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Despite Being A DJ, He Hates Loud Music Says DJ Obi


We have a lot of revered DJ’s but this particular one made Nigeria and Africa proud. Obi Ajuonuma popularly known as DJ Obi took a giant step to conquer the world while breaking the world record of being the longest DJ on set (10 Days to be precise) at Sao Cafe, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

So we decided to have an exclusive interview with DJ Obi and trust me, its kinda revealing as he speaks on breaking the world record and how he almost gave up on the dream.

Read exert below;

So! Disc jockeying, at what age did you decide you wanted to become a turntable guru?

I started when I was 19, while still in university

Far and wide, could you tell us DJ’s that inspire you?

Djs like Black coffee, Jazzy jeff, Dj Prostyle, calvin harris are djs that inspire me.


Your story is that of one born with a silver spoon, how has that affected your career positively and negatively?

I wasn’t born with a sliver spoon, and I really keep a lot of positivity around me. I thank God for all the opportunities he has presented me with and that is who I report to when negative things come my way, so I’m pretty sorted with him in my side.

Let’s talk of your record breaking attempt! Did you make up your mind that you would break the record before you started?

Yes, that is how it all began and that mind set is what got me through the whole process.



Body no be fire wood, did you think of giving up or taking a break at some point in time during the 10 days?

I thought about giving up so many time, but the love, support and the energy I got from everyone around me kept me going.

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History is forever going to remember you but there’s been a lot of talk that breaking a world record does not come with an economic gain. Does that affect you?

Yes that is true, but it doesn’t affect me at all. It just means I have to work twice as hard to make breaking a world record work in my favor.


If you fail as a DJ, what’s your fall back plan?

Failure is not part of my plan. All or nothing. Success has to be achieved.

Where do you go from here? What are your plans for the future? 

From here on out it’s world domination. I have to achieve my goal of getting that global dj status.


Talk about your late father, Dr. Levi Ajuonuma (May his soul rest in perfect peace), how did your loss affect your career?

It encourages me to push more and work harder, he left some mighty big shoes to fill and I plan on continuing his legacy and taking it to even greater heights

Did your father ever disapprove of your choice of profession?

Yes he did, from a Christian standpoint he wasn’t with it at all. He didn’t like the idea that I would be exposed to a lot of social vices.




Let’s digress from official talk, who is your celebrity crush?

Would love to go on a date with Mya, or get Ashanti pregnant. Lol.

Lastly, could you tell your fans a shocking fact about you that is true… In the spirit of knowing you better!!

I HATE loud music, especially after a gig.




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