Brymo: ‘I Want To Introduce My Music To An American Audience’


Yesterday, Brymo released his first international album titled, Trance. The project being a compilation of his some of his work from his last two projects recompiled and remastered for an international audience.

We caught up with Brymo yesterday, and he spoke to us on his inspiration and reasons for the the recompiled international album.

The album is a compilation of works from my last two projects… Inspired by the desire to go global of course. We only gave the records to TMG for remastering, all records are as produced by Mikky Me.”

On what’s different about this particular project and if he plans on going fully international in the footsteps of Asa, and Nneka.

It is different in the sense that it introduces BrymO to a newer audience, an American audience. It is our way of learning what works out there. I know that international means growing from where u are into the world scene, I don’t think one can be truly international without a home crowd that one is actively a part of.

On when we will get newly recorded material from BrymO

All new BrymO songs are to be released next year…Everything is falling into place, we’ll also announce tour dates in due time


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