5 More Nigerian Artists We Think Can Do What WizKid Did With Drake


With the break through of WizKid on Drake’s One Dance, the buzz about WizKid and Nigerian music overall has been crazy. It worked like a fairy tale really. From Drake dropping a verse on Ojuelegba, to Drake recruiting WizKid to hop on his song. Now we’re not talk about paying XYZ American artist $40k to spit a verse on your record, we’re talking an actual collabo on a record that targeted internationally. A song that can be on iTunes, billboard and have metrics attached to it.

I’m not here arguing whether or not getting on an international is needed or not. It’s clear from WizKid being on Drake’s record that hitting international standards is what is the gold ticket for many artists.



This goes without saying really. Davido and WizKid have had this friendly (that hasn’t been so friendly) rivalry going for the past few years, and so if WizKid can hop on a record with Drake that hits #1 on Billboard, we’re guessing Davido should be able to do that same. Signing with Sony BMG is the ultimate sign that Davido could very well be on that path. Plus he’s had records with Meek Mill and Trey Songz already. Davido and Rihanna maybe?




  1. This is the dumbest piece of writing I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Now I have wasted 1 precious minute of my life reading this piece of trash and I can not get that minute back. How will I explain myself on judgement day and give account of this 1 minute that I have just squandered. God help me!

  2. So I guess Ayo Jay who’s single, Your number ft fetty Wap which is kill the airwaves globally doesn’t count right? You lose all credibility by not mentioning this. And let’s not forget he just signed a deal with RCA…A 4 album deal. Yes, 4 albums. And the same drake you speak of featured Ayo Jay on his OVO sound playlist. But then again I guess one could argue that Ayo Jay does not deserve to be on this list of 5 Nigerian artists following in the footsteps of Wizkid…
    HE IS THE F***G LIST!!!

    • Why are you Ayo Jay fans always angry? Dude is good, but he’s not that great. Let’s hear word abeg. I can’t even count more than 2 great songs from him


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