The 10 Best Tiwa Savage Songs


We’ve been consumed by all the Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz drama over the last couple of weeks, understandably so. Tiwa Savage is one of the hottest pop/RnB singers to come out of Nigeria in a very long time. So today, instead of focusing on the drama and all that I’ve decided to do a list of the top Tiwa Savage songs till date. The songs that have made Tiwa Savage a very special household name in Nigeria.

From the first time she broke out with Kele Kele Love all the way down to If I Start To Talk, we’ll be counting down out top 10 best Tiwa Savage songs till date. Of course this list can (and probably will) change over the next couple of years, but let;s imagine a scenario where Tiwa Savage retires today. This will be it.


The video might have taken all the buzz (mixed0 on this track, but let’s not take away from anything from the song. Wanted, off her debut album Once Upon a time, is a pretty dope track with a slow reggae vibe to it. The “controversial” video definitely boosted the song, but once you get a listen without the video, it’s one to easily fall in love with. That’s why she’s wanted.


9Olorun Mi

Tiwa Savage might be a pop-ish singer, but she still has the ability drop those tear dropper songs, and she just that in her single, Olorun Mi. It’s a very touching tribute to the loved ones that has passed on to the life after. It showed a very different dimension to Tiwa Savage at the time compared to her prior releases.


8Drummer Boy

This one never released officially but it found its way to the internet, and became a fan favorite almost instantly. It’s a song that seems to be written purely for an English speaking audience, but it’s very well done. Tiwa Savage says the song was written and recorded a long time ago, probably when she was trying to break into the US market. It’s in my playlist and I listen to it all the time. If redone and re-released, I see no reason why this song can’t break into the international market easily.


7If I Start To Talk ft. Dr SID

The irony in this tune is that it hits on various issues in Nigerian society ranging from infidelity, domestic abuse, etc & overcoming it and it was released just a few days before her drama with her husband unfolded. But focusing on the song itself, it touches on very important issues and overcoming them but keeps it very lively and upbeat. It hits a chord with many Nigerians who have a sort of story or another, but have found a way to overcome them.


6Love Me, Love Me

You can say this is the song that really established Tiwa Savage as a real force in the industry. The follow up single is always pretty tricky, but not in Tiwa Savage’s case. Love Me 3x turned out to be a huge hit. That’s why when we really said to ourselves, “we have something special here.


5Without My Heart ft. Don Jazzy

In that time, it required something special to get Don Jazzy to not only give a beat to an artist outside Mo-Hitts, but to also feature on the song too. Without My Heart is Tiwa Savage is all her Nigerian sex icon greatness; from the lyrics to the video. It didn’t take long for this to be all over the radio, and shortly after Tiwa Savage was with the newly formed Mavin Records.


4Ife Wa Gbona ft. Leo Wonder

This was originally released way back, but then repackaged and released again once it was discovered that it was a fan favorite. The song is now a stable wedding tune all over Nigeria, and for good reason. You can’t listen to this, and not get Nigerian wedding butterflies in your belly.


3My Darlin ft. Don Jazzy

From one classic wedding song to another. My Darlin is a more refined, and more mature Tiwa Savage and you can hear it in the song. My Darlin, produced by Don Jazzy, is a very upbeat ode to your special one, and you can say it’s tailor made for Nigerian weddings. It’s the sort of song that will get spins for years and years.


2Kele Kele Love

We were very tempted to put this as #1, but it falls just short, not because it’s not great at all. Kele Kele Love introduced Tiwa Savage to the Nigerian audience with a big bang. Before Tiwa Savage no one else had combined the vocal talent, pop feel, swag and sex appeal so well. The lyrics hit well with the young sophisticated ladies in Nigeria. It’s no surprise that at the time a lot of people called her Kele Kele love, and the rest they say is history.


1Eminado ft. Don Jazzy

You know you have a mega hit when everyone and their mama is singing along to the song. From small girls to grandpas, this is the Tiwa Savage song that hit all corners of Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. The 15 million views on youtube is a testament to that. Lyrically it’s a pretty simple tune, but it related across the board. Combined with Don Jazzy’s wit, the very well put together video, and the easily recognizable hook, it’s no surprise that this is Tiwa Savage’s biggest song till date.




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