What Is Fashion? Is It All Related?


What is fashion? Is fashion something we all conform to, something we all choose to follow? Is it evolutionary based on something we clothe ourselves with and does it make us who we are?

Fashion can be related to who we are at the present moment or when we as human beings are trying to be like someone else or even something else. It can be our whole approach to life, our demeanor and simple state of mind which is mainly brought through pieces of materials; garmented together to create either beautiful or hideous items.

Nobody can really determine whether fashion fits the status quo because as an individual you have the option of dressing up as you wish and also deciding whether you feel comfortable or not. If comfort is your preference, fortunately, these cool and ultra-comfortable hoodies by Australian clothing brand Lonely Kids Club feature original designs by their in house designers if you want to appear stylish as well.

Many fashion labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, and Versace have evolved through the years still keeping to their signature styles but have also changed over time in order to keep up with the trends of that particular era. They have observed people’s moods, personal experiences; be it on the social scenes or in their day to day lives and they have considered personalities and meshed them in either one item of clothing or collections.

In my opinion the most fashionable items are the simplest such as the white t-shirt or a good pair of well-fitting jeans because a whole lot of people are drawn to these and these are perfect pieces to use with all kinds of accessories that are classic or are in ‘fashion’ at that particular moment. These fashion items (white t-shirt, pair of jeans) will always stay classic as time moves on but the articles your pair these item of clothing’s with could be trendy pieces that are only good for that point in time.

The main question remains what fashion is? The word fashion is linked to words such as style, manner, trend and mode which are all equally true but everybody can have their own individual style, manner, trend and mode hence putting emphasis on the fact that fashion is based on every single person’s personality and distinctiveness.

By Kabelo Makatse


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