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Hello fashion 411 here

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer…well I know I did. Anyways, I was doing my daily blog browsing as I always do; stalking celebrities and looking at their clothes, hair and makeup….who they are kissing and what not.  Then I read about a National Real Hair Day and immediately became in awe about such holiday dedicated to real hair. Especially in these tough times with the ongoing health crisis, wars, and starvation…National real hair just sounded plain ridiculous.

So I begun to ponder about this and I thought to myself I wonder how many women even men sef (see Bret Michael), are willing to give up their weaves, wigs or braids? Because I sure know I am not brave enough to do it. While watching the Tyra Banks show this season, I was shocked to see her rocking her real hair which looked way better than the road kill she wore seasons before.  Then I saw solange (aka beyonce’s handbag) rocking her bald head. More celebs like, Gabby Union, Ashanti, Mary J Blige, and Oprah, rocking their real hair too.  While others like me spend so much money on all kinds of weaves, yaki, silky yaki, remi, outre, Indian Brazilian even African sef in this recession…. I see celebs like beyonce spending 60 thousand dollars on weaves. Lil Kim, Trina, Ciara, Keri Hilson and her 27 pieces…. even oyimbo babes like the Kardashians and Brittany Spears spend thousands on weaves.

Beyonce Weird Weave
Beyonce Weird Weave


Then I remembered India Arie’s old hit “I am not my hair”. The case is not so for us “weavaholics”. I realized that from January, till date I’ve rocked my real hair for less than 2 weeks and I hated it and felt like I was empty, while with my 2 pack of 16 inch indian hair I felt sexier and ready. I literally became Sasha fierce, sexy and all. I also went through my facebook friend list and noticed that about 98 % of my female friends had weaves or wigs or braids on their profile picture. I still haven’t seen some of my aunties’ real hair because all they put on are wigs or weaves. With that being said, I came to the following conclusion…weaves are addictive and they have become my addiction or should I say “our addiction”.

Before & After
Before & After

To make matters worse there is always some new weave or technique that comes out everyday. It went from cap wigs, sew-in to, glue/bonding, infusion, to lace wigs to seamless lace wigs. As a self professed weavaholic, it’s extremely hard for me to give it up… so it begs the question, how many women can really do without their weaves? As for the fellas do you guys really care or prefer if a woman wears her real hair even at 2 inches or some weave piece on? And for my real hair sisters, what pointers can you give a weavaholic like me ? HELP!!!!!

Tyra with Real Hair & With Lace Wig
Tyra with Real Hair & With Lace Wig

Solange rocking weave & going with low cut
Solange rocking weave & going with low cut

I hope to hear from yall and I wish you guys a wonderful week

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  1. This is a huge topic. i am in the process of growing my hair from its shoulder lenght to mid back. My problem is how do i rock my hair when i don't have it in braids or weaves without damaging it and still looking fierce?


  2. i agree chayoma…. especially as black women … i have heard people say the dominican salons have a way of doing it i am not really sure but a friend of mine got hers done and it looked healthy, staraight and silky without chemicals and all… so you can try it too. but yeah i feel you girl… its the struggle we have to go thru and in the words of chris rock black women have "BAD HAIR YEARS"

    ps: carols daughter products works magic … you might wanna try that…

  3. I chopped all my hair off about 3yrs ago and that india aire song was my favourite song at the moment…lol but i don't see any reason why most women can't rock their natural hair…there are tips out there on how to keep healthy natural hair. so needless to say i am an advocate for women leaving their hair out every now and then

  4. society has made it hard for a lot of women to embrace their natural beauty. when we see beyonce and the other rest of the "weave club" rocking their weaves and men are constantly discussing amongst themselves: "oh boy that beyonce be one fine babe"……as a woman you will be thinking…"chyea let me go buy my own, so i can be a sasha fierce. truth be told the media does have a lot to do with how a woman should carry her hair…if you like deny it…ITS TRUE!…………. as for me im enjoying my short hair, but i sometimes become a victim of this " wowwww i really like her weave…i think im going to fix mine too in a few weeks.."…then i go back to my short hair…although i havent always embraced my short hair cut……since the recession…what can you do…my papa no be bill gates so i do what i can afford..which is styling my short hair!

  5. Hmmm here in Canada i have no choice but to rock my weave during the winter if not chei! my hair go see something. I was in the process of going all natural but u know i had to put a perm in it when my comb would get stuck in it or the one time my hair brush broke while brushing my hair lol.. I don't know how not to rock a weave myself and i've tried doing everything i guess people like me are just born to rock em weaves 🙁

  6. well, as long as i am comfortable and feel good…. with either one….it really doenst matter…..i love my hair regardless; natural, braided, cornrolled, weave, you name it…it love it all on me. the good thing about weaves, is its versitility. Since i have short hair…..whenever i need it long, curly, wavy etc…weaves gives me the options.

  7. is that a scar on beyonce's head

    I believe we can wear any one so long one is comfortable with the choice. My hair is hard and scanty, so i have no choice but to wear the weave.

  8. I just cut my hair and added some blonde highlights…

    I still look good and I love it!!! No Indian hair or weave for me, I'm done with that..

    But they look lovely…

  9. Am a weavaholic and i think, u can wear what ever hair you want, but just make sure its the right fit for your type of face.. whatever floats one's boat. Just remember the end result is to look DOPE!!!

  10. my girl u is poppin and dont let no one tell u different .k but whats up with that stuff people saying like i wear wave sometimes so u can to but some times i do my real hair to and that what u need to do okkkkkkkkkkkkk how u doin

  11. I wish I didn't have to wear weave. I have very thin hair and now do to some bad weaves and to tight braids, I have a bald spot on the top of my head. The hair won't grow back. I can't go into a salon and do a weave is what I have to do. Wish there was another way to go.

    • That was the same thing that happened to me after many years of wearing weaves. It is possible for ur hair to grow back. You might have to go to a dermatologist and treat it. If you keep getting tight weaves around that area it will get worse…

  12. iilllllllllllllllllllll! daaats diisqustiinqq! yaa need to stoop shoowinqq diis shiit! daats noot kool @ all! thaaz juus fuckinnq nasty waat thaa hell iis daat on beyonce faace! waat she hiiddiinqq!

  13. Y'all need to watch " Good Hair" by Chris Rock. It details how they get the sacrifice hair from india, how hair is worse than crack and how some women will rather do their hair than pay their rent. It's a scary business. The sociey has really shaped our view. I dunno mehn… i think i need to invest in this 9 billion dollar hair industry.

  14. hey um honestly I don't believe that you have to have long hair to wear your real hair, as long as it looks nice than you shoul be okay…however if you want to grow your hair out then I'm going to tell you what I do, to grow and keep your hair long. K…before you start washing your hair comb out your hair first just to get out all tangles, then use hot water to keep your hair lubricated when you wash it {if you use cold water your hair is more prone to breakage} wash your hair with selsun blue {if u get dandruff} olive oil shampoo, garnier fructis, OR optimum {any of those will work fine, but what I do is use two of them at a time for example i might use olive oil and then optimum you get the picture} repeat…after you're done washing your hair, you condition, leave the conditioner in for 10 minuets, rinse then dry your hair comb through it with a WIDE TOOTHED COMB…apply some pomade then comb through your hair agian to make sure it is evenly distributed…***if you want really soft hair take a hot damp towel and wrap it over your hair and let it sit for about 10-15 minuets*** now you can blow dry your hair or roll it or whatever you like…also remember to not use alot of heat on your hair ther you go hope Ive helped =}

  15. "As for the fellas do you guys really care or prefer if a woman wears her real hair even at 2 inches or some weave piece on?"

    I think it's gross, wearing someone's hair from India. Blech. You know hair is just dead cells that your body pushes out, right? You've got someone's dead cells adorning your head. If I was with a girl and found out she was wearing a weave, I'd definitely be turned off. Just be natural and be proud of who you are. Men don't (usually) do anything weird to change their appearance; why should women?

    • Hmm. If only it was that simple. Me, without a weave, synthetic or otherwise, my head'll look like a plum, ready for picking.

      Think of this, would you feel better if the lady you're with has the kind of head that old women have (see Rita Dominic please)? Bald all around the side? Guys have their ego. Women's pride is their hair – original or paid for.

  16. can`t stand fake hair, they usualy smell. What percentage of white or Asians wear fake hair? I am sure it`s less than 20 % unlike the black World where it`s 90%. Y do we hate our god given black hair so much.?

  17. i haven't had braids/weave done in lyke 9 months. i didn't intentionally decide to start sporting my real hair buh i'm just a gurl (lyke virtually every gurl) that aint too keen on sitting down for HOURS to get the hair done/ taken out not to mention the COSTS, and so i stopped bothering.

    i'm not naturally good @ hair maintenance @ all! my hair breaks alot buh yu kno wat? i'm not bald, still got a full(ish) head ve long hair n it aint as difficult to maintain as black gurls dread it is. I say embrace your natural hair, its an easy lyfe. Your confidence n sassiness should come from within rather than ur fake hairdo.

    • I totally agree. I felt naked without my weaves wigs ect. But after not wearing weaves for months I got used to rocking my own hair. I felt naked at first, but I started to feel complete again after the weaves wore off on me.

  18. i wear my hair natural and love it..people stop me almost daily to positively comment..i think particularly about my fellow black people who believes that they look pretter when they mimic the hair of indians or white people that they must be so jealous and hostile when they see the hair they want growing naturally out of someone elses head.. they probably spend hours days their lifetimr wishing that they they could just grab it out those races head…wow…wow…wow…happy in my skin abbey

  19. weave helps my hair grow and its soooo convenient wen u gotta get up for work. I don't wanna be spending time on my hair in the morning, plus coz i've cut my real hair so much it needs to grow back now!!! Its cold in London so my weave is my hood and my scarf all in one!! talk about versatile loooool x

    • honestly your comment just makes you sound like a lazy dirrty person waking up and showering washing your hair and getting ready for your day is alll a part of life for you to sit up here and say that you would just rather get up and throw on a dirrty ass wig and go about your day is gross


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