Truth Tuesday: WTF Are You Wearing?


I have always been one for making a personal fashion statement that describes me uniquely, and I also appreciate fashion risk takers – its very out of the norm and inspiring. But lately, I cant help but notice a group of “fashion forward” members of the society go from, cool new style, to uhn…mmkay, and then finally to what the f%&k are they wearing. Who are these group, you ask…well If you guessed our young Nigerian men living in Nigeria, then you’re right.

It is very easy to spot these fashion maven – they are the ones you see with the tightest jeans and super short shorts with their fancy colored moccasins posing ever so stylishly with a messenger bag or purse. If you look closely, some of them have make-up on. I have nothing against gay men but when straight men, specifically Nigerians begin to confuse me then we have issues. I mean seriously though, what is wrong with our young men? I recently browsed through the pictures from Arise Magazine fashion week in Lagos and I must say I was personally turned off by the latest fashion trend that’s catching up to our young men. Why on earth would a man wear a form fitting thigh length playsuit or jeggings to an event. Isn’t it enough that your shirt or should I say bodysuit is toddler size and your blazer looks like it belong on me. I understand the concept of metro-sexuality and I commend the evolution of fashion from XXXXXL jerseys and camos to dapper looking fitted clothes but this has gotten a bit overboard. It’s slowly beginning to transcend into the Charley boy category, and that’s not a good look for any one (not even Charley boy).

All I am trying to say is that toning it down a notch would do the trick. It really isn’t working for Kanye West, and it definitely wouldn’t work for you. And if you’re a guy planning to switch to that androgynous look… you should consider questioning your sexuality because from that point on, the only person you’d be attracting is John, not Amaka. You should also completely forget walking up to Ngozi in those booty shorts and messenger bag you have on. We get the thinking out of the box look, but when you leave the norm for the loony box, then my friend, you really haven’t achieved anything but a hanging pant.

Personal taste is totally subjective and so is my rant. I find those woman repellent style highly unattractive and silly. So quit looking stupid in the name of fashion, it’s out of style.

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  1. Nice write up…u made so much sense.I don’t know if its just me but I get disgusted wen I see guys in skin tight pants with all their ‘stuvs’ so visible you can even tell which is which….its so gay and unattractive.

  2. This freaking hilarious. All in the name of fashion guys go begin wear rubbish. There are some of our celebs wearing rubbish too. Na dem sabi

  3. Hehehehehe….
    the guy for that picture na die!!!!!!!
    Well, i like to look good and i must say i dress well….
    Most naija guys get it right, if u have it; u have it so yeah…….
    most of the celebs too dress like crap as Craseman noted…..
    As i always say, different strokes for different folks…..
    Dressing awkwardly ticks me off but what makes me mad is the amount of makeup most naija women use…… (and im sorry if i sound like im generalizing, but u know urselves… lol)
    Abeg make one of you babes write up something on that…….
    What happened to just a bit of make up, touching here and there…?
    So i pose a challenge to the ladies that write up great articles here (and im assuming you know wasup), please write up something on heavy make up (original mgbeke, ayomidamope, Nyore, etc) Oya write up something……
    And if i mistook you for a woman on my lil list and you are a guy, abeg no vex……

    Abi, how una check am people?


  4. They've achieved their purpose…you guys are here talking bout them. It's just a publicity stunt. You gotta do what you gatta do to get ahead, even if it involves dressing like a …………….

  5. Its really embarrassing!
    Some people watch the west and think its ok for them to dress the same but what they forget is we have totally different cultures. What may be acceptable there is not acceptable here.


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