TREND ALERT: She Wear the Pants, He Likes them Slim


Now when a trend becomes popular and we begin to implement them in our everyday wardrobe, I end up doing one of two things, cringing or nodding in agreement. Trust me, there wrongs ways to be trendy and there are right ways. I am not here to bash anyone’s wardrobe but to rather congratulate them. *APPLAUSE*


Starting with the ladies first, we have (l to r) Jumai Shaba, Beverly Naya and Monalisa Chinda all sporting the ever loving jumpsuit. Red Carpets are not only for ball gowns and dresses. These ladies have found alternative ways to show up and show out. One thing, I suggest you do when wearing a jumpsuit like those photographed above is to wear it with accessories that pop and compliment the color of it. If you like the cinched waist look, then throw on a belt like Beverly and Jumai otherwise rock it without one like Monalisa. TIP: When looking to buy a jumpsuit ladies, make sure the crotch area of the pants does not resemble a camel’s toe. It should not be tight down there but loose for free movement. (<—- ok that statement can take on a different meaning but if your mind is not in the gutter you will get what I mean lol)



 Now we have the lovely men, (l to r) Nonso Diobi, Alex Ekubo and Ramsey Nouah rocking slim fitted suits. I know we have all been to that one party, at that one club, where that one guy is suffocating himself in the tightest suit probably known to man all in the name of fashion. My guys do not deceive yourself, tailored does not mean tight, your buttons should not be ready to commit suicide as you are wearing it. Anyway back to the MEN, I’m not too crazy about Nonso’s color choice but the fit is good. Alex is my favorite look from the suit, to the tie and shoe (even the red pocket square is a nice touch). Ramsey is looking very James Bond-ish in this look and I love it. TIP: Fellas if you are going to try this look, stay away from iridescent colors for your pants and match the suit with a skinny tie.

Well to my ladies and my gents till next time…



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