Top 5 Vintage Fashion Trends: Old is the New New

Ankara print

It’s already Fall of 2013 yet it feels like its the 80’s for fashionistas. The retro trend has always been in existence because old fashion items usually find its way back to become trendy fashion. These vintage trends gradually snuck into various designer collections and are now part of our daily fashion cutting across age, sex, and cultures.

Vintage Ankara
The Ankara clothing style has been in the backdrop of Nigerian fashion from the history of Nigeria. This season the Ankara is back but it’s the Vintage Version that is back. Very Popular prints from the 70’s and 80’s, the style of clothing that brings nostalgic feelings to elderly people that rocked them in the past.The most popular prints of vintage Ankara is the ‘tiny stars’ (kili kili star) and ‘bottle opener’.

Vintage Ankara is best worn as trousers, shorts or Maxi skirts with black or white tank tops or tees. A mix of Ankara and denim is also classy.

Ankara print
Ankara print

Animal Print
This style has always been a popular style for royals from history. From the 60’s when animal prints were initially printed on fabric till date, these prints always pop up in fashion trends.

Rather than wearing the complete animal print look one can wear them as accessories and add more glitz to a dull outfit. Animal print shoes, bags, scarves and jewelry are catchy.

Emma Nyra Animal Print
Emma Nyra Animal Print

Denim on Denim (Double Denim)
There is nothing new about the denim trend that started in the cowboy ages. In the past years the denim shirts and jacket went MIA so when it came back there was no better way to wear it but to wear it with a jeans shorts or trousers hence denim on denim.

Wearing denim on denim is actually tricky because of the way to combine colors and shades. the rule is to wear dark shades of denim with lighter shades. The wearer’s personality or swag also comes to play.

Rihanna rocking Denim on Denim
Rihanna rocking Denim on Denim

Retro round sunglasses
This is a very youthful trend. It started with the geeky glasses and now to the retro round glasses. who knows what it will be next?A 60’s inspired blast from the past. This retro glasses trend is here to stay.

Usually the round glasses will suit a square face or round face however with this trend, there are no rules what matters is that you are wearing it.

Tonto rocking the retro glasses
Tonto rocking the retro glasses

Short Shorts
In the past shorts have always been short. We had short shorts for sports men, college kids, hot-pants. These are all old stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. If you are watching a movie, you can tell the era of the movie from the length of the shorts. In the 90’s and 00’s shorts became longer in form of cargo shorts, combat short and baggy shorts. More recently shorts have become shorter again. Different types of vintage shorts are back to trend.The high waisted shorts for women is the most popular in this category.


By Ayo Alloh


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