13 Nigerian Celebrities With The Sexiest Bodies

nigerian celebrities sexiest bodies

A lot of our Nigerian celebrities are very fond of putting their bodies out on display. And we’re not complaining… especially when you have a body that needs to be displayed. Let the light shine my friend. Let it shine brightly.

Here’s are 13 Nigerian celebrities with the sexiest bods.

Peter Okoye


Well in theory both should have nice bodies, but we only get to see Peter Okoye’s as he always flaunts it on social media. Peter’s body is tone, abs hard, and is athlete fit. Gotta love it.




Flavour na champion body on display ashawo. We mean that in a good way. The only thing Flavour hasn’t done yet is go completely naked. But best believe a lot of the ladies are not complaining. At all. Golibe nwannem.


Sarah Ofili


Sarha Ofili got that thick well shaped body that will always catch your attention anytime you see it. Enough body to bring out that booty, but not too much where it’s everywhere. Her momsy definitely gave her good genes.


Agbani Darego

nigerian celebrities sexiest bodies

I mean she’s a super model so this is expected but still, her body is something else. Her height makes her even sexier in a bikini that most ever will. Makes you wonder if this life is fair.




Anyone that has gone for an Iyanya concert can attest live to the testimony of the beauty of this man’s body. More especially when he pours water on himself. Oh Boy! This guy has a banging body and knows it.




Sometimes less is more. Omotola is not the one to show her body in bikinis and/or beach wear but one look at her and you’ll know she’s packing a serious body underneath the gowns and dresses. For those guys wey like body, you wont get better than Omotola. That hip to waist ratio na die.


Kate Henshaw


Would you believe she’s clocking 43? Her body will put a lot of 21 year old girls to shame for real. But the best part of it is that she works for it. Always working out and staying active. The result? A banging and super toned body.




Say what you want about Maheeda and her antics, the babe has a sexy body. Which might explain why she’s always flaunting it (doesn’t explain why AfroCandy and Cossy continue tho). Maheeda’s body looks so natural that you’d think she doesn’t do much to maintain it. She’s just blessed.




Dbanj pretty performs all his shows without his shirt on, and a lot of the ladies don’t complain about it at all. Dbanj stays super fit all the time, and his abs haven’t faded at all over the past 10 years. Good maintenance.


Harry Song


Harry Song might not be the loudest artist out there, but boy when I took a look at his body one, I was completely stunned. Super chiseled abs and much more. Whew!


Yvonne Nwosu

nigerian celebrities sexiest bodies

Yvonne Nwosu’s body is super toned and fit. You can tell this designer stays working out, and it’s paying off big time. I mean look at that flat stomach for goodness sake.


Daniella Okeke


When you’re talking having front and back, there aren’t many that can rival this nollywood actress’ assets. I mean you’d almost be tempted that it’s not real but based on small research we do know that it is. Her bikini pics are even hotter.




Omoba! D’Prince’s body what men aspire to get. Not too much muscle everywhere but super toned, and always fit looking. It’s easy for dude to pull off any outfit because his physique is damn near perfect.



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