Toni Payne Launches Line of Human Hair Eyelashes, calls it IncrediLASH



Toni Payne has launched her own line of human hair eye lashes. It is safe to say that the CEO of Toni Payne Concepts is definitely doing well for herself.

Here is the press release :

Entertainment Diva, Poet, and CEO of Toni Payne Concepts, Toni Payne, has launched a new addition to her cosmetic line, called IncrediLASH Human Hair Eye Lashes.  IncrediLASH is a high end line of Human hair Faux eyelashes, created to give you soft, lustrous, natural looking and feeling, fuller lashes without breaking your pocket.


Say no to Faux Eyelashes that feel harsh to touch and look like umbrellas on your eyes.  With IncrediLASH, you forget that you have on faux lashes.  IncrediLASH comes in 3 different styles and various lengths to accommodate your lash needs. The styles include, Individual Lashes; single lashes that are fixed individually to give you full control over how you want your lashes to look, they come in Short, Medium and Long Lengths. Strip Lashes; Pre designed lashes that come in 1 piece on a strip, this type of lash is great for those who need lashes just for special occasions. Fashion Lashes;  Gaudy Lashes that come in different styles, some are colored, bedazzles, or feathered, these lashes are great if you are trying to add an extravagant effect to your lash look and are great for Fashion shows and shoots.


IncrediLASH by Toni Payne is sold in various stores across the nation but you can find out more and check for where to buy by visiting the Toni Payne Cosmetics website at





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