TOK presents “WE RUN ABJ” Dogtags


Having been halfway across the country TOK, the highly anticipated fashion outfit presents another of its trending products “WE RUN ABJ” dogtags.

Made for the Abuja ‘citizen’, TOK has come to the capital with a product of its own, with the identity tags.

With various outfits everywhere, what’s amazing about TOK is the versatility, diversity and uniqueness it brings to the fashion industry); its ability to come up with creative designs & and trending fashion designs/outfits which strikes the general public is nothing short of absolute creativity. As if TOK reads the minds of fashion lovers, its always delivers on point. With a host of products everywhere I’m made to state that this outfit [TOK] is destined for the top.

When I said halfway across the country it was no joke, as TOK has delivered in the South with “FRESH IBOM KID” dogtags, in the West “OMO LASGIDI” dogtags, and now “WE RUN ABJ” dogtags. I must say TOK always has something up its sleeves as it brings to the capital “WE RUN ABJ” identity tags, another of its kind. Worn on the neck, this product is designed for durability at the most affordable price. Worn to represent and standout, this is just what you need to complete your daily outfit.

Do the purchase and let the tag do the #TOKing. Available at your demand, just visit the contacts below! Don’t be told, join the trend #TOKteam and get familiar with what TOK is offering “WE RUN ABJ” Dogtags.

Be Free To TOK.


For orders & Purchase of “WE RUN ABJ” dogtags, contact TOK on twitter. Follow and inquire @TOKculture or @WissTOK.
Also call 08037678236, 07068807680.


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