Thoughts On The Most Talked About Looks From MET GALA 2015


This is one red carpet event where you can’t really judge looks like by the best and worst, because celebrities are celebrities and at the end of the day, everyone is really just trying to show up and show out.

The theme for this years gala was “China: Through the Looking Glass,” and if you know paid any kind of attention to the outfits that walked the carpet, you know that people chose to go with the “through the looking glass” part of the theme than the “china” part. I mean, from mesh to cut outs, there was undeniably a lot of skin on the carpet. However, lets discuss some looks that made the most rounds!

Rihanna – in Guo Pei


This dress apparently took 2 years to make. TWO YEARS. What?! The designer of this dress, Guo Pei, is a very famous Chinese designer, and in her words according to, “Rihanna is wearing this dress for entertainment – not for a fashion show.” Makes complete sense. It’s the MET gala! Now don’t get me wrong. This won’t be my choice of an outfit (for any occasion. Idc), but what better way to stick to the theme than wearing one of the most famous Chinese designers? And not just that, but making a statement with it? The actual dress is definitely not a favourite as it looks like my eskimo blanket from boarding school, but the occasion, the theme, and the designer make it very noteworthy. Lastly, I can’t with that hair. I just… can’t. and those egg and pizza memes are hi-larious!!


Kim Kardashian – in Roberto Cavalli

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Now forgive me when I say Kim was trying to make a good comeback from her look from last year, but that’s how I truly feel about this dress – but in an absolute positive way. This dress slayed in every way, shape and form. I saw the dress from afar and was blown away, but when she instagrammed a picture of the dress really up close and I saw the intentional detailing, I was completely sold. It is impeccable. Everything about this dress is ultimate perfection. In my opinion, a better dress didn’t hit the red carpet. Her make-up and hair was total perfection, and the whole look came together way too beautifully. She stunned. That’s all. And all those saying she copied Beyonce’s dress from a previous gala need to chill.


Beyonce – in Givenchy

Beyonce and Jay Z

Now that hair is giving me all sorts of lifeeee child. Ya heard? I have never been a fan of that high ponytail but this looks sooo good! Now the dress, I don’t know. Nothing about it looks necessarily bad, but I feel like she could’ve done better. Many meshed dresses walked the carpet but for some reason, Beyonce’s dress looks the most risqué. She literally looks like she’s naked and just has her “private parts” covered in crystals over a mosquito net. It’s a little too suggestive for my taste, even for Bey. Nevertheless, one thing you can’t take away from her is her excellence in posing! This woman can work EVERY angle and look just as fabulous as the last. Altogether, I wouldn’t make too much noise about this dress.


The Olsen Twins –

Olsen Twins

It’s incredibly disturbing that the reason Mary Kate and Ashley were making rounds in the conversations surrounding the gala wasn’t their outfits. It was their facial appearances. In their 20’s they seem to look very much older. The very weird outfits and extremely pale skin don’t do them any favours either, but the memes were funny. Having them next to the likes of Naomi Campbell and Gabrielle Union who are significantly older makes them look like great-grandma’s. Now I’m not sure if their outfits are even worth discussing since they didn’t make the cut because of their outfits, but one of them took some yards off Rihanna’s dress and died them black to make her dress and the other is in a black swan play.

Anna Wintour – in Chanel Haute Couture

Anna Wintour

Now this made rounds on Nigerian Twitter more than anything. And looking at the outfit, you can probably understand why. This outfit does look like what that aunt from the village that said she must come to your friends husbands, best friends wedding would wear, and them embarrass you on top. LOL. Weirdly enough though, this dress does make me think about China. I’m sure the colours have something to do with it, but even the design and style are pretty in line with the theme. But then again, this IS Anna Wintour. She can always get a pass. And if you haven’t seen the Nigerian meme’s or captions, check twitter or ig!

So there we go folks. 5 looks that made a lot of rounds. Other looks that stood out beautifully include Jennifer Lopez, Lorde, and Kerry Washington. What do you think?

By @_Shanpepe


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