Think Twice Before You Say Yes… to that Dress!


So he liked it and went ahead to put a ring on it! Congratulations! Next, you call up your close girl friends and family to give them the good news! Before you know it, questions of a date (among others) will be asked. But even before those questions can be answered, we ladies will always have one thing on our minds and that is THE DRESS!

Front all you want because whether your dress is made on the other side of the world hand stitched by skilled couturiers or from the local thrift shop, it will be one of the top things on your lists of things to get for your BIG day!
Now traditionally, there is nothing small about African weddings. They are usually grand in all aspects especially in the clothing department and with the usual fusion of our African culture with that of the Europeans, the white wedding gown or tux is just as important as the aso-oke or the george that will be worn. Now with these things to think about… ladies, let’s not fall under the pressure of wanting to stand out only to end up looking rather questionable. Check out our sister photographed below for example, it can never be this serious.

Or this auntie, in this episode of Say Yes to the Dress that aired some time last year. She also happens to be the daughter of the former adviser to GEJ on petroleum matters, Dr. Egbogah. I personally thought that $27k+ for any dress is ridiculous… but to each his own, right?


Now if you’re looking to make a helluva statement as a bride on your big day! I suggest three styles of dresses. 

An ‘A-Line’ wedding gown with a thigh slit? Um, yes I’d say this will get the attention of most but that is not the only thing that makes this gown. Check out the one shoulder detail and ruched sweetheart neckline. I do and will always vouch for a sweetheart neckline.

If you have a vision of yourself looking like Cinderella, then here is your dress! It’s a full skirt gown with enough chiffon and tulle to wow your guests at your wedding with a simple beaded bodice and clean neckline.

This vintage lace trumpet gown is my favorite. If you’re not into the full gown, this fitted one will do the trick! The front of the bodice keeps it modest while the back let’s it all hang out with taste. The cap sleeves and the exaggerated bow trailing the back adds a very feminine touch to the gown.

Every bride has the right to wear what she wants on HER day! All I’m saying is think about 20 yrs down the line when you’re looking at pictures from your wedding day. I’m sure none of you want to shake your head in confusion as to what you were thinking to have worn that gown. So choose wisely… no pressure, of course!

Till next time…


Photo Credit: Fola Lawal Photography

All gowns photographed are Ines Di Santo Bridal gowns, to view their trunk show dates in the U.S.A …click here.



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