The Best and Worst Looks From 2face’s Fortyfied Concert


You know how these “not-exactly-formal” events go. We can’t really come up with a list of best and worst dressed because, well, the nature of the event leaves a gray area in terms of what can or can’t be worn. This carpet let me down though. While I was sure it was going to be a bedazzled and an all-out carpet, it was actually pretty mediocre, and if I’m being completely honest, very unexciting to go through. I got to appreciating the actual carpet rather than the outfits that walked across it, but lets get to it!




Now I know this is going to seem cliché that the celebrant and his wife turn out to be the best dressed of the night, but if you ask me, it was no mistake. I mean, the whole night was about 2face, and Annie had to bring it. She’s his woman. They both looked very, very, amazing. I love that 2face didn’t feel pressure to wear a tux because of Annie’s ensemble. Everything about his outfit – down to the ironing of that caftan – is so right. I wouldn’t change a thing. And Annie, that dress is utmost perfection. From head to toe, she killed it. I honestly was looking at pictures and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Hair, make-up, accessories; everything was so perfect. The detailing on that dress is everything and more. She wore this dress in every possible way. Their outfits are stunning, but together, “All I see is fireworks…” (In my Alicia Keys voice.)



ebuka obi-uchendu

The simplicity in this outfit is intriguing. It couldn’t get simpler than this, but it works so perfectly; I can’t even begin to explain. The length of every piece is just right, the fit is amazing, and the choice of shoes is very ideal. The hat is just the icing on the cake. I absolutely love this ensemble.


black striped coat girl

This was the only other outfit on the carpet that impressed me. My least favorite part of the outfit is the shoes. I honestly don’t know what it is about them that seems off, but something does. The rest of the outfit though? It’s very well put together. The blazer is beautifully made, and the choice of colors is great for a red carpet too. I would definitely wear this.





This whole look was entirely too much. First of all, its way too much blue. It’s one thing if you make an ensemble off a monochrome. When it’s the same shade, it just shows a lack of styling expertise (sometimes). The shoes are completely wrong for this dress. The dress has some embellishments on the only sleeve that could have eliminated the need for a neckpiece at all. Not only did she wear one, but she wore a huge one that is so out of place with all those weird colours. I greatly dislike the hair and the headband thing too. Not even Lupita could make me agree with this headband for dressy occasions thing. This outfit is just, wrong. I’m sorry.


dress and sneakers

I honestly hate this whole dress and sneakers outfit SO MUCH. What is this? And its annoying because this outfit walks the carpet at least once in every event; in Nigeria at least. This is NOT fashion. Y’all better stop. If you’re wearing a dress and sneakers outfit, it is usually a bodycon dress and stylish sneakers like the female adidas dressy ones, or the designer brands that are not exactly sneakers. Save the actual sneakers for the gym and give us a rest on the red carpet from this stuff. The dress doesn’t relax very nicely from the center panel, but its not a bad dress at all. Her styling just makes me go crazy.

Like I said, this carpet was very underwhelming. Looking through it gave me a headache. I was looking forward to seeing amazing outfits and knocking myself out and I was very unpleasantly surprised by the opposite. But I guess that’s what fashion does. Everyone has their own interpretation and you can’t always be pleased.

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