The Best And Worst Dressed At The 2015 MAMAS 


I was a tad bit disappointed at the abundance of poorly tailored garments and two too many unnecessary bra-less boobs on this red carpet, but here’s a list! Enjoy! 



5.) Yemi Alade


She’s beautiful. Her hair and makeup are so much perfection, but her outfit made it to this list because it was a slightly better choice than other contenders. (Don’t hate me please.) There is wayyy too much going on. The top part of the dress is very busy and colourful. Thats all the drama she needed with this outfit. Her neck piece and shoes are too much and take the outfit to a whole new level of extra. I would’ve paired this dress with nice stud earrings, no neck piece, a solid coloured pair of closed toe pumps, and a tiny clutch. The joining of the bodice and the skirt could’ve also fit a tad bit tighter to accentuate her waist. Notwithstanding, her overall look is okay. And her award was very well deserved! 

4.) girl in the green tail dress 

Now before you guys crucify me, i know this dress looks like a prom dress, but the way this whole outfit is put together is perfectionnnn. I can’t shout. Besides those long ass earrings, her accessories and her hair are nice and simple since there is so much going on with this dress. They’re on point. With all that leg, I think she’s got a little too much skin showing though. Too much skin thins out the line between skimpy and classy, and this outfit is about to cross it. But she does look beautiful in general. Well done! 

3.) Bonang Matheba

I LOVE this outfit – but heres an example of poor tailoring. Those pants should flow to the bottom effortlessly. They fit on the waist and hip like a glove, and then they start to look like someone pulled hard on a single thread from the bottom. However, i really like this. Jumpsuits are a risk on the red carpet – a sort of hit n miss. But this hit. The cardigan is so genius as it dresses up the outfit enough for the occasion. The embroidery work is beautiful and look! No accessories. But it’s perfect. Hair, makeup and outfit. Yass! 

2.) Saran Kaba Jones


Female tuxedos! No secret i love these. And i do love Saran’s. Short hair works beautiful, but this threw me a couple weeks back to Amber Rose and Blac Chyna on the 2015 BET awards red carpet, and all of a sudden i wished this was white. Half of the beauty of this is lost in the colour, but its still beautiful. She could’ve gone without a neck piece, and chosen a color that would stand out a bit more for a clutch, cause they both look really out of place. 

1.) Pearl Thusi


I understand that this is underwhelming for a best dressed look, but I stared at her, and I couldn’t find anything major to change or fix. The onlyyyy thing is, just like Yemi Alade’s dress, this could’ve cinched a little tighter on the waist. With cutouts though, that is a little risky cause you don’t want the exposed skin to look fleshier than normal because of very tight fabric. So that makes this excusable. Apart from that, she is glowing in an unexplainable beauty. Unexplainable because i really can’t put my finger on it. Its a simple dress, a fro, and minimal accessories but I would not change a thing. At all. And she is a beauutiful girl! 


Brace yourselves, my loves. 

5.) Jhene Aiko

This one, i have always loved! But this look was a big no, no. Her red carpet looks aren’t my favorite but they are usually not my worst either. This one, however, just doesn’t cut it. It’s a little weird how i find myself loving the simplicity in this look, but i have to keep reminding myself that this is a red carpet, and this may have just been a little too casual. Actually, way to casual. It looks like something you’d wear to chill and watch netflix. 😂 We still love you, Jhene. 

4.) Nomuzi Mabena

I appreciate a girl who girl who rocks a bald head well cause God knows I have to many mountains on mine to wear it. She’s beautiful, has amazing legs, and her shoes are all types of gorgeous. Her dress tho? It looks like a mistake – like a lost concept. You know how you have something in mind and then attempt to make it and your whole idea is just completely lost somewhere in the finished product? Thats what this looks like. The embellishments in her right sleeve are so random. The cut of the dress is random. ALL her accessories are random. It just doesn’t work together at all. 

3.) Liesl Laurie


I think she still thinks she’s in pageantry. She is absolutely gorgeous, and her hair is so much perfection but what is this dress? Another, not only poorly tailored, but ill fitting dress as well. And I honestly don’t understand this whole sash wearing business. Is it part of a fulfillment of contract? Cause i mean, its a red carpet. Why you gotta wear your miss SA sash? We know already. Now represent with the title. Remind us without the sash that you’re a beauty queen. That look is a no no. 

2.) girl with the ankara and green chiffon dress


Calabar Carnival – thats the first thing i thought of when i saw this outfit. It honestly looks like a costume. And then she tied the front of the dress though?! I can’t deal. Waste of an opportunity to get dolled up and fabulous. And that moment when you realize that this is actually not the worst look of the night… 

1.) Vanessa Mdee 


This. Is. Disaster. Everything. If she was headlining a rock concert or something it would work but nah. Funny enough, the individual elements of this outfit are beautiful! I would never put them together though. And her hairrr, her hair. I’ve seen people arrange dreads mighty fine for occasions. She could’ve and she just didn’t. I don’t have much to say about it though. It’s just, bad. 

By @_shanpepe_



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