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Visit her Alma Matter, The University of Georgia and mention, Olori SWANK. You will get “Oh, the crazy girl that wore heels to class everyday.” Yes, that’s her! The avant-garde, fashion forward brainiac that never saw the problem with trekking several miles in 5″ heels to get to Molecular Biology & Genetics class.

During her tenure at The University of Georgia, Olori was inducted as a member of seven different honor societies and served as President & Founder of two student organizations that still stand today.

The same tenacity, dedication & focus Olori put forth in her studies is the same devotion she appies to the projects and needs of her clients.

Olori founded SWANK Consulting Firm, LLC in March 2008, and has since gone on to provide services for entities such as: Sony BMG, Jive Records, Def Jam, Elite Model Management, and Cover Girl, to name a few.

SWANK Consulting Firm, LLC is an Atlanta-based firm that specializes in Fashion Styling, Event Planning and Public Relations both domestically and internationally. Their attention to detail is second to none and their network of contacts in unmatched.

When asked about how her and her staff handle business, Olori smirks and responds, “If I’m not GRINDING, it’s because I’m not BREATHING.” A brief look at the companys service offerings make Olori’s statement apparent. From special event styling, to media press kits, event execution, and social networking, SWANK has it all covered and them some.

For further inquiries, please direct all correspondence to the staff of SWANK Consulting Firm, LLC at SWANKConsultingFirm@gmail.com.

In conclusion, we pose to you this question:

When it comes to your image, whom do you trust?

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(noun) – elegance by virtue of being fashionable; chic, smartness in style.
(verb) -to flaunt, to show off or boast
(adj.) – imposingly fashionable; grand

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*Please direct all inquiries to SWANKConsultingFirm@gmail.com

Owner & Fashion Stylist
SWANK Consulting Firm, LLC
Fashion Styling | Event Planning | PR


  1. ON behalf of Olori and Swank Consulting, we would like to say thank you to jaguda team for this feature .. we hope your readers get a little preview of Swank and hopefully have some more feature of our work on here.

    Please Take the time to Tune in to 106 and park(BET) Tonight at 6pm EST. The video was styled by Swanks own Olori. its the new joint of the day "Playaz circle feat Bobby V"cant remember" also please check out the teeshirts "MISS SWANK" proceeds from sale goes to battered women in Atlanta.

    Again thank you for your support we look forward in hearing from every and anyone.



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