Super Frosh! SKUKI Release New Promo Pictures


Ok let’s ignore Peeshaun’s hairstyle for a second.

The photos just put out by the musical group, Skuki is on some super frosh on steroids. Now if we can get some music just as dope all will be well in the world 🙂

Skuki Peeshaun 1

Skuki Peeshaun 2

Skuki Vavavoom 1

Skuki Vavavoom 2

Skuki 1 (2)

Skuki 2

Skuki 3

Skuki Peeshaun 3

Skuki Vavavoom 3

Skuki 4

Skuki peeshaun

Skuki 5

Skuki Peeshaun 4

Skuki 6

Photography by – Kelechi Amadi

Styling by – Moashy Moses Ebite

Suit by David Bowler


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