Summer Styles


Hello, hello again people! How’s your Labor Day Weekend going? Now, if you’re as sad as I am to see the summer end, abeg raise that your hand. As this season dies down, I’d like to bring you some styles that I thought were a hit. Whether it was worn to that one wedding or birthday party or naming ceremony, they definitely banged it out in these designs. So first off I would like to shout out the ladies and gents that go hard when it comes to rocking native and most definitely to the tailors that catch the most heat when sewing all these extravagant designs! Well done o!

Oya let’s begin…

The one shoulder style still reigns supreme, we ladies have just found new ways to go about doing it. I thought this gown was lovely and that gold organza used for the shoulder piece was a perfect touch!

First of all, kudos to whoever tied her gele! Secondly, I applaud couples who find new ways to match. To my guys, if you’re not feeling the buba ati sokoto (shirt and pants) look, why not have a tie and pocket square made out of the aso ebi material. Now on to her gown, I love the way she used the solid material throughout this haltered dress. Love it!


Another style I’ve seen take over was the backless dress with the high neckline in the front. You know business in the front with the party in the back kind of dress. Of course there were variations of this dress, when it comes to the sleeves, material and detail. To your left, she chose this gorgeous lace material, long sleeves with draping down the back. Whereas, on the right, she chose ankara, short puffy sleeves with a clean “V” neck in the back. Common denominator? They’re both knee length, which is more fun!

We have another couple, these two jumped the broom in STYLE. For instance this traditional change for the reception. The blushing bride is Nigerian while her husband is Togolese so this traditional attire hails from his country. I must say that I absolutely LOVE it! Of course they put their own spin to it but all in all it worked. Let’s just say all African countries GO HARD when it comes to weddings.

Even the little kiddies were getting it in-in their native and you can help but love the styles. Nothing too drastic just cute & sweet!

Lastly, the Peplum Style has been quite popular this season. This is where the top half has a short flared hemline then the bottom half is a fitted skirt. These three ladies pulled it off in three very different ways and looked good doing it.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these styles as much as I did. Feel free to get ideas from them while adding your own flavor to it. Till next time…



  1. pls do you know of any good school of fashion.i've been looking for this past some weeks looking forward to hear from you soon


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