Southern Boyz, Step your game up!

feature_9OK, maybe its just me or a certain sixth sense my girlfriends and I have when it comes to male fashion style of Nigerian men, it’s somewhat easy to place what part of the continental U.S they come from. You really don’t have to live or travel to every state in America to get this acquired sense I speak of. Being around is a plus but not a necessity…not when you have facebook at your convenience. Or haven’t you already noticed anything trend in the way they dress across the states.
Let start…No!!!!….How about I just head straight to the point and concentrate on our “Southern brothers”. For those of you still scratching your heads, I’m referring to every Naija guy that lives in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, etc, and Georgia, especially Georgia.
Living down south for about eight years, has given me first hand experience to judge the generally poor state of swag that afflicts these Naija men. Seriously, I must say its highly unfair to the ladies. After much time has been spent grooming, and spending so much money just to look nice enough for you guys…the men still grossly disappoint. It’s like you guys aren’t even trying anymore..Kini big deal?? The funny thing about this matter is that these guys shout the loudest about having their “swagger” on check – which by the way, I have come to hate. That word (swag/swagger) has been thrown around so loosely, its like a used has-been aristo babe turned street side ashawo… eww!!. OK I disgressed……Anyhoo, this is how I categorize these men in terms of their dress sense. Ps: if you you see that you fall under one of them… you officially need to quit it, it’s disgusting.
The Ghetto Look:
This right here is dedicated to those young Nigerian guys, who grew up watching channel O and rap city basement, and said to themselves, “I when I grow up, I want to dress like a fool”. Somewhere along the line they got their F-1 and came over. With time, everything else changed except their line of reasoning. I’m talking the very long XXXL white tee, baggy pants, and timberland’s – a regular staple in their closet. What a shame. To them they have the coolest style, and expect the ladies to swoon over them in clubs…come on guys, I chop mess? At our age, this droids of soulja boys think women would find them the least bit attractive (No offense to women who actually fall for this look – I understand you are a special breed or just seriously settling due to male shortage here). Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, this is a terrible terrible look… its childish and does not belong in this universe.
The Sweater Look:
At some point in this ongoing century, this look was and still is a major trend amongst out fine Nigerian men…and the rest of America too…it even reached Hot Naija. A very good trend, if I might say so myself. It includes sweater or vest worn over a shirt, sometimes paired with a tie, or lapel blazer, to give the cooperate, matured, “you can take me home to mama” look. But, it is not cool when guys decide its their birth right to run this trend to the grave of disgust. They do this by wearing this look from January to December, like dey no dey tire. Even in the hot summer… I can’t even begin to mention all the problems that accompany this look. All I know is that a line needs to be drawn at some point. Not only do you guys wear it from Jan- Dec, you wear it sun up to sun down, you wear it to work, to church, to that house party, and even in the club. No sense of variety in your outfit is very very, did i mention very unattractive. Seriously.
The Uniform:
Speaking about lack of variety…I understand that there is currently a recession and maybe daddy doesn’t send money like he used too. Either way, this shouldn’t warrant you from repeating the same set of outfit every time. There is nothing wrong with repeating outfits or wearing your custom uniforms from work, I don’t expect you to wear an outfit and throw it away…NO!! The main problem is the frequency of repetition. OMG!!! don’t have to rock the same outfit every time i see you in the club. It is not a good look at all, and please do yourself a favor and make an effort to save your dignity and buy new clothes. With the Vintage fad going on right now, you cannot use being broke as an excuse anymore. Looking like you have a uniform when you are not in the military, is beyond bad (makes me wonder what they wear in between washes). If you want to know whether you belong to this group, ask an honest friend…better yet, look through your facebook albums and if all, or half of the pics look like you took them in one day..then my brother, you are The uniform man.
The Label Whore:
He got Gucci, Prada, Fendi, LV, RL’s Polo, Ed hardy and the list goes on. If he can afford it, he buys it…right?..right. Not a problem with that, but what they don’t realize is that being a label whore tires the ladies…I should know, I am one. Plus, it does not give you passport to great style. NO NO NO, not especially when you think it’s cool to broadcast it to everybody on facebook, or in reality. Like we don’t know already. You just end up looking really stupid, kind of like an old 419er trying to relive his youth. Designer labels are tops when subtly done…even if you are wearing it from head to toe. Another thing, guys are mad if they think pulling that fake designer stunt is going to work. Have you no sense of pride? ..Trust us, its very obvious you rock fakes.
The Gender Bender:
blogskinnyjeansThere are 2 types of gender bender type naija guys: those that are just plain gay, and the confused ones. For the first kind, they have this idea that they are trendsetters, metrosexual and all. please let us hear word. Just because they think they push the limit. These pseudo trendsetters are actually the spawn of past and present trend mixtures gone totally wrong. Here, the guys wear skinny jeans…knowing fully well this only goes well with a certain type of crowd. Let me add that there are certain naija guys that can actually pull this off sha – but its rear. Some put on scarves on feminine colored satin or Lycra shirts. They fail miserably by trying to be different. Thing is they expect to bag, very funny. I would be ashamed to be seen in public with a Naija guy that thinks this look is cool. And finally, the confused ones. These groups of men have a false perception of their body and always confuse their size…even though they dress well. Their weight remains the same, while their outfit looses the weight…ain’t that a flipping shame. When God made them a Large, they clearly opt for an Xtra small. For these men, i haven’t any words.
I could go on and on about the many pitfalls of male fashion in the south (honorable mention, The Steve Harvey look <—self explanatory). But guess its only right for me to stop while i am ahead. Please don’t blame me, Its been grinding my gears for some time now, particularly when most ladies make serious effort to look good in heels,expensive weaves, mountains of make-up, and haute outfits. How about you step up your games for a bit, and see how it goes. Take a cue from DC/NY Naija guys (most of them can dress real good, trust me…I’ve done my research thoroughly).
My sixth sense also tells me I should plug in my disclaimer right about now…so, here goes. I do not refer to every Naija guy from the south. NO….Its just the majority i know and have seen (and I’ve seen alot). And I did not mean all DC/NY Naija guys can dress well. I just calls ’em as i sees ’em that’s all. Also, keep in mind, I’m no journalist, or budding writer and writing has never been a passion. Hell if i had a chance, i would have plagiarized my way through college. I am just an average person who occasionally mind vomits


  1. as i nigerian man living in alabama i agree with this but nigerian girls down south too dress very classless, all the lycra and spandex especially the ones in atlanta i mean one time i was in the african spot queens and those girls looked like slaves brought to america some 300 years ago…not only nigerians but the dirty ghanian ones…

  2. no it is true talk not to be mean but liberians and kenyas are the worse and they wear shoes 2 times their size i tried to dance with this dirty kenya and she couldnt move because her shoe was so big she spent her strnght holding on to it with her nasty so so sad the liberians come dressed like sluts ready to sleep with a fellow all their clothes look like fish nets.mY ADVICE TO AFRICAN WOMEN its BAD ENOUGH THAT YOU ARE VERY BLACK AND HAVE WOOLY HAIR PLEASE DRESS well

  3. southafricans are worse they look so tall and they always wear sweater turle neck morning till night evenin the clubs which later produces body odor

    ladies please check yourself stop all this nonsense and be decent

  4. toks, i believe the problem is not about the women…thats another story for another day…..I also live in the south, and know that this is an epidemic…so talking about women from different parts of africa has nothing….absolutely nothing to do with it…besides, im sure the women you meet are not trying anymore as a result of the bad fashion chioce of men here.

  5. then ivorian and their smelling hair they are always sweaty and for some reason they love blond hair even thoudgh they are so black and short

  6. at ladygodiva i dont have issues i only call these useless african girls that think they are all that out. i give props to the decent ones that dont look like hoes and sluts ie the kenyas and ghanians

  7. I'm a female and I totally disagree with this write up..I have seen more Up North guys dressed in tight jeans than I have seen in the South..

  8. lol @very black and have wooly hair..

    poor Toks is hurt, i guess 1 or 2 of them categories summarized your entire wardrobe.. that must have hit you right below the belt.

    Easy Toks b4 you hurt yourself!!

  9. Why would you spend this much time analyzing and dissecting what people wear? And noticing that a certain person has been wearing same clothing sounds "stalkish" to me!


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