See Knuckles! Sean Tizzle And Anna Banner Cover August Issue Of Redsheet Magazine


19th edt

Sean Tizzle and Anna Banner cover August issue of Redsheet Magazine
Nigerian fast rising music star, Sean Tizzle and 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Anna Banner cover the August edition of The Redsheet Magazine. The weird looks on those Sean Tizzle knuckles though 🙂


  1. Can’t u see those hands ar nt his(sean tizzle) hands…dere’s no way shaun wil stand facin his front wit his hands on him n both thumps touchin each other dat can only hapuns wit his inside pam facin outward n nt dis bleachin hands of sum gurl we dnt knw…so dnt start sayin Tizzle is bleachin cuz dat aint his hands…


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