Rouge Vallari Resort Collection


The latest collection from Rouge Vallari exudes playful sophistication, from sparkling metallic to vibrant patterns. It is easy to become enamored with the exaggerated splendor which has rapidly become known as the designer’s signature style.

Splashes of color juxtaposed with dark hues are effervescent as the intense and fierce multi hued creations captivate a breathtaking vision.
The collection is satiated with powerful navy-midnightocean blues, organic fruity red oranges, crisp zingy reds, bright near
luminous yellow and a pervasive range of green tones. The complimentary vibrations of sheer tops, long maxi skirts, big clutches and floor length dresses compliment the girly resplendent shades of pinks which feel both whimsical and luxurious.

True to form the designers intricate bead crafting, subtle inclusion of key trends, use of light and dark contrasts against a milieu of bold prints and diffusions of fabrics from silk to ankara, gives this anticipated collection a concentrated intensity deeply saturated with a
smoldering edginess.

‘Classique, fabuleux et amusez’ –‘Classy, fabulous and fun’


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