Read! Metrogypsie’s 5 Tips to a Functional Work Style


Metrogypsie’s 5 Tips to a Functional Work Style


Have you landed that dream job? Are you just trying to pass time with a company while you wait for your next move? Is your current job a prerequisite for degree? Or are you with that organization just for the pay?

Whatever your reason may be for working where you do, there is a great sense of accomplishment and self-actualization one feels when you do something for a living.

While there are days at the office when one hour feels like three hours and 5pm cannot seem to come any quicker, most of us end up spending about 70% of our time at work, so looking and feeling stylish could be arguably imperative.

Below are my 5 tips to achieving this while at the office:

  • Know your body & accentuate its strengths

Always exaggerate your physical strong points. For example, chubby people should avoid horizontal stripes, as it tends to add more volume while slender people should avoid the vertical ones as it makes them look way skinnier.

If you’ve got an hourglass figure, decent wrap dresses and pieces that are just a little body-conscious would be great. A plump lady would look lovely in a freer dress with a belt at the waist to create a gorgeous silhouette.

Walking around in heels adds that oomph to your look but if you are sloppy in them, always have flat shoes under your desk, in fact, always have your flats!


  • Show skin strategically

Low plunging (not deep plunging) necklines aren’t the best at the work place but if at all they have to be worn, pleasekindly be of the not-so-busty nature. Unnecessary cleavage at the work place is a no-no, even on dress-down days.

As ladies we do not need to encourage being taken less seriously. You do not want to be making a presentation for instance and someone looking at the whole room would think the slides are on your chest.

Mini skirts are also a no-no. Growing up I was told by my dad not to wear skirts that are below the knee to my job as I would never look smart in them, so most of my skirts are either on my knee or an inch or two above.

Then again, it all depends on what industry one works in.



  • Create a “look”

The best way to make a fashion impression is by developing a style that people attribute to you. This could be a fabric, texture, color or a certain cut that totally works for your body.

Another reason I find this tip quite crucial is that I find it quite the boring act to get my outfit ready a day before…and so on the days one wakes up really confused you then resort to either a go-to item or your “personal look”. Mine, for work, is the high-waisted skirt.


  • When in doubt, grab your structured bag.

Forgotten are the days when a lady’s choice for her workbag revolved around just size and practicality. I wouldn’t even be surprised if there was a time when women carried just black bags to their offices! Well practicality in modern times does not mean boring.

A structured bag could transform a very simple look to a more commanding one in such a subtle way. Invest in great bags my darling ladies, it adds to your presence. Here is a link to an article on great bags to invest in:


  • Understand your company’s dress code, be versatile

The former sounds silly I know, but you wouldn’t want to come to work one day and HR approaches you complaining that you have too much make-up on or your skirt’s slit is too long. That’s disgusting and might affect your confidence, which might in turn have a negative influence on your output that day.

Another good tip is having a fitted jacket/blazer at the office if you can to beef up your look on bad days.

Seeing as Blazers/Jackets are a staple for the working lady, one should endeavor to tailor them to get a perfect fit (if it doesn’t already). An ill-fitting blazer/jacket gives the exact opposite look intended.

Try to push your style boundaries once in a while either a totally different look that’s not usually attributed to you, a new trend or a pop of color.


Once you have inculcated these tips, try to keep your fashion expenditure to staples; ordinarily, every lady’s work wardrobe should include a blazer, comfortable pumps, a structured handbag and a pair of flats.

Never get carried away with trends, keep your spending to things that you would get loads of usage off.

Lastly, never think you are buying the mannequin’s body alongside your dress; always work with your own body type. This ensures your comfort and enables you to constantly have the most important apparel on, confidence.

“Fashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look – all these things go together to make a moment in time, and that’s what excites me.” – TOM FORD.


Stephanie Okafor

Twitter: @Metrogypsie

Instagram: @Metrogypsie (blog)

Instagram: @Jaunelion (personal)


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