Ndani TV Host “Onos O” stars in “Maafa”- A visual story by Qd Salami

Maafa [A Swahili Word] is used to describe the history and ongoing effects of atrocities inflicted on African people including other forms of physical and mental oppression, sometimes self-inflicted, to the present day.
Budding photographer, QD Salami says he was inspired by the recent social media uproar on the issues of modern day depiction of slavery and colourism. “As much as the African holocaust is treated as a continuous history, worthy of an ongoing discourse, In my opinion, which is utterly subjective, we as Africans in general need to let go of some of the horrible past.” He says.
“Granted, it wasn’t the best of times and we have overcome it to a large extent, but we truly need to let go of the metal shackles left. As said by Assata Shakur “To Become Truly Free, One Has To Be Acutely Aware Of Being Enslaved” “. This here is QD Salami’s little interpretation of Maafa, which ironically also means “Keep Pulling At It” in Yoruba language.

Photographer/Art Direction: QD Salami [@iamQuedy]
Model – Onos Ovueraye [@Onos_]
Assistant: [@dulcis_]
Styling: @KemiSmallzz
Studio: @tripcityvisuals


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