Munachi Abii Covers 2nd Edition Of Chizy’s Spyware Magazine

Munachi Abii
Munachi Abii
Munachi Abii
Munachi Abii

For those that don’t know Chizy’s Spyware has launched their 2nd edition of their magazine, and it hits the streets immediately. The 2nd edition is covered by former MBGN winner, Munachi Abii and is available for purchase in Nigeria, in some UK stores and available for online download and subscription at for those who are unable to buy the hard copy.

Editor’s Note:
We sometimes forget to be thankful for the ever bright weather enjoyed in this part of the world, so in this edition, we are celebrating the daily sunshine by splashing our cover girl and models with colours, sequins and other embellishment. We hope this edition serves as inspiration for your next shopping spree. It gets more interesting on page 42 as young African men answer questions most women secretly ponder about. You won’t want to miss page 39 where DJ Jam Jam (Oyibo Swagger) talks about his experience in Nigeria; including the girls, the food and much more.



Photography: Paul Ukonu
Styling: Sharon Ojong
Clothing: Total Wrap Boutique
Makeup: Chichi (Faceville Makeovers)


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