Mi Casa Takes Over On The Cover Of VL! Magazine May Issue



South African music group Mi Casa is on the cover of VL! Magazine May issue. Other features include interviews with Kunem Slizzle, Adunni Ade and more.

Editorial Note:

It is the month of MAY, the month of ‘Taurus the bull’ symbolic for all that is earthly, rich, elegant and desirable. On our front cover this month we have award winning South African music group MI CASA and in an exclusive interview they told us how fate brought them together, the challenges they faced when starting up the group and many more.

We also had exclusive interviews with ADUNNI ADE & KUNEM SLIZZLE. Adunni ade talked about the Nigerian movie industry and described herself as the best actress in Nigeria. While kumen slizzle talked about working with E.kelly & chopstick and his distribution deal RS Movement Label &Management

Have you ever been heartbroken before? On this issue you will be told the necessary things to do after a breakup, especially with the ones you feel you can’t do without

Ever heard of the saying “what a man can do a woman can do better”, You will know about the strength of a woman on this issue. Also on this issue we would also be talking about the next big step for the Nigerian youths and also giving you an intro on what “LAMP ON A STAND FOUNDATION” is all about

We have also put together a trinity of Nollywood faces that we have comfortably labeled as the “NOLLYWOOD TRIFECTA”. These Trifecta are a combination of ; the witty, the classy, and the suspense spinning producers that have formed the tour de force in our movie industry.

Because we love Fashion. We have come up with a very refreshing article for our fashion lovers- it is “WHO WE ARE”. Forget the age long notion of ‘appearance begets opinion. Finally on this issue you will know more about the latest model we just signed.




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