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Hey everyone! How’s your Friday coming along? My own has been super busy but I must always take time out to give you Friday’s Fashion Fix!

Who besides me is a follower of Bella Naija? I’m sure there’s a good number of us here that frequent the site. If not, hit up bellanaija.com sometime, you’ll be glad you did! Anyway I recently stalked the site the other day and saw Vlisco’s newest collection of fabrics called Frozen Dreams!

I won’t go into the details of the collection but what I will do is present you with my look of the day. Check it out!


I am a fiend when it comes to color. I’m the kind of person that will mix mustard yellow, red and purple just because. So if you are anything like me, this collection of Vlisco fabrics works for you.

Now going into the look, the high shoulders are definitely reminiscent of the ’80’s. The colors and design of the fabric gives this look a playful yet sophisticated twist to it. Use this material for your aso ebi and trust me all heads will turn! I dare you to take this design to your tailor ’cause I know you love it. If you don’t, here’s a bonus look of the day (below) just to feed your eyes!


Dramatic is exactly what this dress is…what else can you call it? I would wear this dress just for the reactions from other people. 🙂 Then the colors are just SCANDALOUS (in a good way of course). I also love the fluidity of the dress as it clings to her figure. Any dress that does that for me is a winner in my book!

To view the rest of this collection you can go to bellanaija.com or go straight to vlisco.com and learn more on Vlisco!



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