Ini Edo On Wow! Magazine Cover



Wow magazine has a way of giving us Wow-type covers, and this month’s edition is no different, and it is graced by Nollywood diva, Ini Edo.  Stunning to say the least, and it’s definitely telling that she has trimmed up.

Be sure to get a copy.


  1. Wow omg i must say ini edo is on doubt the most sexiest, elegant actress in nigeria if not africa. I can pay a million dollar just a peck.

  2. Even though i dnt like her She lks classy, well done 2 d photographer 4 putin hard work 2 gt her image well done

  3. Omg i always said to peeps dis gal is de most naturally beautiful lady in nollywood.her poise,skin looks,damn dropdead gorgoes.its edgy yea but soooo classy.seen her rescent movies nd she looks heavenly thank god she lost wieght.damn her hubby must be proud of her.u go gal haters chop plenty shame lmho

  4. Ini Edo lost weight sha, and she looks hot now. Hope she doesn't go back to chopping orishirishi burger and such…

  5. Baby u dey blow my mind,u too fine.pls angel tell me what is d secret of ur beauty.u r d best in nollywood that i have seen.i hope 2 c u speaking calabar on movie,i like ur action.

  6. in love this pic so very much i wish to be like her … she is very lucky that she so pretty i love u my sister…. so many ppl says that i loook like ini Edo …REAL TALK AND I DO LOOK LIKE HER ASWELL BUT IM NOT FROM UR NAGERIA BUT I LOVE EVERYONE FROM THRE THEY SO HOT LIKE RITA DOMINIQUE, OMOTOLA……..SO MUCH MORE FORGET THRE NAMES …… I LOVE U INI U LOOK SO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT MAWN XXXXXXXXX

  7. Wow!nice pix!!…As for that guy,Ini Edo is married,I’m sure if you took time to know about your crush more u ll have known….pathetic!!!

  8. bad posture.pliz.pliz learn to keep yo clothez down yo married its such a shame that wont get you fame at least be lyke gene that will only bring you down but yo cute

  9. @ feedup keep ur eyes down wtf its a magazine not d streets and deal wiv ur fantasy and sexual frustrations nd stop pouring it on d poor gurl who showed a litu cleavage nd laps


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