How To Maintain Your SEXY



Ladies and gents, what is your definition of sexy when it comes to you and the opposite sex? What do you think it takes to preserve your sexy? Is it something physical? Mental? Spiritual or even financial? #nojudgmenthere

If you are single, what are you doing to get the opposite sex’s attention? And if you’re taken how do you keep your boo coming back to get some more of those cookies in your cookie jar? [get your mind out the gutter]. Granted all you guys, can’t look like Idris Elba… [wipes forehead] and all of us ladies will never look like Ethiopian beauty, Liya Kebede [photographed above]. We all have our own individual attributes that make us uniquely beautiful so stop worrying about why you don’t look like someone else. Or you why you don’t have something that they have. Stick to who you are and what you have then WORK with it! If not, you can always commission a plastic surgeon to make you look like someone else…

But that’s besides the point, what can we do to maintain your SEXY so that way you never have to bring it back.

1. CLEAN HAIRLadies: if you’re rocking a weave? Keep it nice and tamed. If you have to bump it with the curling iron in the morning, do so. There is no reason why your weave should be flying in the opposite direction if the wind isn’t blowing. If your hair is natural, run some moisturizer through before you head out. Let’s not run through the day with our hair looking like Brillo pads, natural hair is BEAUTIFUL. Guys: Especially dudes with braids or locks, PLEASE, get your braids or locks done at least every month or so. There is nothing sexy about looking like you’ve been living in the wilderness like John the Baptist.

2. SMELL GOOD… There is nothing more disheartening to see someone you like only to step up to them and find out that they suffer from bad body odor. Deodorant, Cologne and/or Perfume goes a long way! Everyone can appreciate a sweet smelling scent! If you are looking to smell a little different than everyone else, you can buy two or more perfumes/colognes and mix them together. So if anyone asks you what you’re wearing, just tell them its your own special fragrance. 🙂

3. FRESH FACE… Your face is what you showcase 24/7 so treat it well. Ladies: wear a little finishing powder foundation to make you fresh faced and if you’re feeling risky throw on some mascara and lip color. Guys: no make up necessary but facial cleansers can be used to reduce blemishes and if you’re feeling experimental, exfoliate as well. It helps clean out your pores for [best results do it 3 to 4 times a week].

4. WORK OUT… Some people go to the gym to lose weight. Don’t go to the gym thinking you must lose weight go there with the mind set that you are trying to stay healthy. A toned body, to me, is a sexy one and you do not have to be a size zero to be toned. BELIEVE THAT!

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF & READ A BOOK… Going to school is important but there are some things you will never be taught in school especially after you’ve graduated. Get a library card and actually use it. Subscribe to a magazine or newspaper to keep your mind fresh. That way when you’re approached with some interesting conversation you have some things to talk about.

6. HAVE AMBITION… Have something you’re passionate about? Pursue it. No one wants to be around someone who is about NOTHING. It’s depressing.

7. LEARN TO COOK… This is for those who don’t how. Forget what you heard, the kitchen is now open for both men and women to dominate. If you’re not familiar with a stove, get someone to give you the grand tour. You can start with a recipe you personally love and try to master it. Ladies love to be pampered and cooking for us is the sweetest thing you can do. And of course, we all know that the surest way to a man’s heart is through his belly. [Or so they say lol.]

Bonus. WORK ON YOUR PERSONALITY… do not mistake this for changing your personality. That’s not the idea. Each and every one of us are a work in progress. We are always learning new things about ourselves and thus tweaking aspects of our lives to be better versions of ourselves. A person that is always working to improve themselves is maturing and who doesn’t love a mature person?

So that’s my list, I’m sure there’s more that can be added but I’ll leave that up to you guys…

What can you do to maintain your sexy?


  1. Oyato thanks jare. Esp that smell good for guys because some guys especially naija guys can be so funky it's worrying.

  2. A guy that dresses well, not necessarily expensive, but knows how to put an outfit together, co-ordinate the right colors gets points in my book. And you're right ma, a good cologne goes a long way too. A guy that smells nice, gets good hugs and not that side, one arm hug 😉
    *sigh* I could go on and on lol but you def hit the main points!


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