First Cut Movie Premier! Who Wore it Best & Worst?


Celebrities stepped out in their best fashion for Lisa Omorodion’s First Cut movie premier that took place in Lagos on the 29th of December. Here are my picks for the best and worst dressed of the evening.


Omawunmi (1)IMG_9413

Best Dressed (woman) – Omawunmi Megbele

This outfit is everything and some! I love Omawunmi’s style, she always brings it at every event she attends. Her mixed tribal print attire is paired with simple gold sandals, and that afro!! Work it girl! The mixed print trend is a very tricky one to pull off but she owned it!

Lisa Henry Omorodion in GiovaniLisa Henry Omorodion in Giovani (1)

Best Dressed (woman) – Lisa Henry Omorodion

Nothing makes me happier than to see a curvy woman who can put together an outfit and look exquisite in it. Lisa for sure looks very ‘take-away-ish’ in this Giovanni dress.


Worst Dressed (woman) – Helen Omorodion Inegbeneki

By looking at this outfit you can tell that it probably cost an arm and a leg. But as we all know, the most expensive things aren’t always the best option. This is just an ugly outfit! That fabric looks like a cross between feathers and blinged-out-net…not feeling it at all. And let me not even start on that cow print clutch.

Michelle Isikalu

Worst Dressed (woman) – Michelle Isikalu

Oh Michelle! This dress does not suit her body shape, it makes her look so straight. Honestly this dress would have looked 100x better on a curvier woman. I must say, this was simply a bad dress choice on her part. Ladies need to start dressing for their body types!

Ik Ogbonna

Worst Dressed (man) – Ik Ogbonna

I hate to do this to him because he is such a FINE man! But someone has to do it. The problem with this outfit is his vest, why is it so tight?! His buttons look like they could pop out. Everything else is on point and very well fitted, if only he didn’t wear that vest.

Chico Ejiro and Lisa Omorodion

Worst Dressed (man) – Chico Ejiro

Once again we see the same reoccurring issue, men in oversized suits. Men, if a suit you buy is a little big and you can’t find one in your size, take it to a tailor it get it altered…it is not rocket science. This would look a lot better if it was tailored to his size and if he had gotten it ironed.

Uti and OmawunmiUti Nwachukwu in Taryor Gabriel

Best Dressed (man) – Uti Nwachukwu

Round of applause Uti! I love this slim fit Taylor Gabriel suit, it has a very modern spin to the usual ‘old-school’ suit! Love it! And I love that unlike most young men these days, he added the handkerchief to the pocket of his jacket. Very classy!


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