Designer Profile: Motherland Krooks


When you hear crooks, I’m sure something negative will spring up in your mind and you have every right to move in that direction, mentally. But in the case of Motherland Krooks, I promise you that-that negative connotation will now become positive because that is what they are all about, BRINGING ABOUT SOMETHING POSITIVE.

Motherland Krooks was founded by designer Seyi Sowunmi back in 2007 and has been thriving ever since. This clothing line, in the words of Seyi, was created to capture and blend the essence of urban or casual wear with the cultural influences that are in Africa. One of the main ideas behind the clothing line is to bring awareness to the many issues that affect developing parts of the world, mainly in Africa, through fashion. Three issues that Sowunmi is heavily concerned about is corruption, hunger and poverty. Issues that we all know is prominent in many countries in Africa.

I, for one, love fashion but also admire it the more when it is fashion with a purpose. This line is definitely for the fashion forward gentleman, so guys if this is you please take notice.

African Rapper #1, Mr. Incredible sported a hoodie not too long ago while in the States on tour.

Boxer and trainer, Hino Ehikhamenor, photographed below, was also styled by Sowunmi dressed in Motherland Krooks for a magazine spread.


Motherland Krooks is based in NYC but definitely gets around the U.S and even Nigeria. They will be showcasing their latest Spring/Summer Collection Year of Africa at the Annual Nigerian Reunion out in Orlando this coming weekend so if you’ll be there please do check them out. And if not, please visit their site,


Guys please shop around their site and find yourself something nice.

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