Demystifying The Man Bag


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The man bag has always been around since the inception of men’s fashion though it was re-introduced in the early 70’s, many top designers embraced it and tried to market it in the 90’s. Since then it has been accepted as a valuable fashion item. Top designer man bags include collections from Marc Jacobs, Prada, Asos and our very own Orange couture.

Most people freak out when they see a guy carrying a man bag, the reality is that guys need bags anyways. Guys go for classes, they go for shopping and they also go for short stay holidays like women. The ibo traders that have 20 containers in the ‘high sea’ use theirs to carry wads of bank notes, that’s a man bag. Doesn’t the business executive carry his brief case with meeting notes, files and documents? Ghana –must-go bags are also man bags lol. The examples are never-ending.

First a man bag is a trendy necessity, the way one wears it is a matter of style. If you still think a guy carrying a bag is awkward or gay then you need to rethink and confirm what century we left you in, cos the fashion industry is always evolving. The argument is that guys have lots of pockets and that women are known for bags is contemporary.

And please don’t bring the bro code ish to this one cos the man bag is in style now! No going back.

The Messenger bag


Hold All Duffel Bag

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The Brief-Case


The Tote (Orange Culture)

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Purse (Satchel)

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Newsboy Bag


The man bag is for very confident men. If you aren’t sure of your sexuality you have no business in this trend. Mind the color of your bag. Don’t wear a pink man bag and unless it’s a messenger bag don’t wear it over your shoulder. Its advisable to go for the earthy tone colours which includes but not limited to black, brown, tan, nude, deep red and dark blues and you can never go wrong.
So guys the man bag trend is here to stay, though some of us may not fully understand it till you have a pressing need to carry a bag and still look classy. Carry a man bag today and make a fashion statement.

Photo credits: Instagram via Mai Atafo, Orange couture

By Ayo Alloh


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