DϋK ZEPHNE (Dook-Zef-ne) was started in July 2009 by Adaku Iwueze-Uwahemu.  The name DϋK Zephne (DZ) comes from Adaku (DϋK) and Josephine inspired from the movie, “Josephine Baker’s Story” (Zephne).

DϋK ZEPHNE, a Washington, D.C metro local studio designs jewelry line accessories, handmade with unique details and flare.  What started as a hobby, led to taking classes and making jewelry for friends and relatives then blossomed into a business.  When asked about the motivation, Adaku responds with “I enjoy creativity and needed to express myself and love for art.  My brain is constantly at work digging up creative ideas.”  Adaku, a Scientist by profession with an M.S in Pharmacology is currently working in Regulatory Affairs (RA).  In addition, Adaku has worked as a Research Scientist for many years with several scientific publications to her credit.  Adaku is a huge collector of vintage items from which she derives inspirations for some of her designs.  Slowly finding her way into the fashion industry as symbolized by the logo, Adaku knows customer satisfaction is a top priority.

All DϋK Zephne jewelries are handmade with the finest freshwater pearls including bridal pearls, coral beads, and exquisite beads while incorporating vibrant colors.  DϋK ZEPHNE is also a lover of eco-friendly products utilizing green and recycled materials to create unique jewelries. Inspirations for the lines come from the different mix and shades of colors, global scenes, pieces of life, fashion eras, and African heritage.  The signature of DϋK ZEPHNE is the boldness of the jewelry and the mix of colors.  Every lady should have one bold piece of jewelry among her accessories and should be bold enough to mix colors.

The DϋK ZEPHNE signature logo symbolizes the details at which our designers sketch the creation from start to finish.  We at DϋK ZEPHNE understand the importance of making a good product that meets our customer satisfaction.  We listen to our customers, and then we make their dreams a reality.

We foresee DϋK ZEPHNE being a global household name that women can relate to.  Also, we intend to be a steady name in the fashion industry diversifying into different areas of the industry.

We welcome you to be a part of the DϋK Zephne family.



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