Creating Natural Looking Hair Extensions



The whole point of hair extensions is to make them appear as if they are growing out of your own head. The more natural your extensions look the better you will feel about them and the more confident you will be as you wear them for an extended period of time.


A bad weave is easy to spot, it looks as if it is separated from your own natural hair, the tracks show, and the quality of the hair is immediately diminished because we can’t get over how the install appears. Here are four simple tips you can use that will keep your hair looking as natural as possible fooling everyone around you including the person in the mirror!


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The hardest part of a full head of weave to hide is the hairline and rocking bangs would certainly do the trick when effectively hiding the hairline. Bangs come in a variety of styles and picking the right one depends on the shape of your face and what you like. Try side swept bangs for a sexy sultry look, or blunt bangs for more of an edgy style.

Tip: if your hair is longer and you want to create your own bangs just section off an area of your hair closer to the front of your head and trim the hair shorter than the rest of your extensions. Shape the bangs to ensure that they look as natural as possible.



Shape your hair to flatter your face this includes cutting the hair in layers or in a manner that fits the shape of your face. Additionally when installing the weave pay close attention to the hairline. Our natural hairline has curves and movement. Installing the hair straight across the forehead is not very natural, rounder hairlines are always more preferred.



Top Closures are pretty nifty at covering your braids or anything you may need to cover that forms the base of your hair extensions. The closure has the ability to give you parting space and mimics whatever you would do naturally with your own hair.



While for some this may not be a great idea because they want the benefit of a full weave, for others this maybe just what the doctor ordered. A partial weave essentially means that your start your weave from the middle or back of the head leaving your entire crown area untouched.

The benefits include having your own hairline and not worrying about how to match it, having enough hair out to make side parts or bangs that flatter your face. Using fewer extensions almost guarantees that your hair will look more natural especially if you are able to match the extension hair perfectly in the back to your leave out in the front.

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