Celebrity Style Profile: WIZ KID


So I know I may get some heat for this one but my next Celebrity Style Profile is on, Wiz Kid baby! Not only have I been stalking his music [as in ‘Pakurumo‘ is STILL my jam] but I’ve been clocking his style as well. He first reminded me of a Nigerian Soulja Boy but as time went byI had to take that back because Wiz Kid has definitely come into his own, style wise.

Now fashion is not all about wearing a button up and choking yourself with a tie or wearing the most conservative dress but rather its your own interpretation of certain trends and clothing. So if Wiz Kid wears a funky graphic T-shirt [which I like] with a pair of loosely fitted jeans and some colorful kicks, then who are we to say its not fashionable? I mean he does wear them well.

Apart from Naeto C [and maybe Ice Prince], Wiz Kid probably also owns a truck load of hats. Well fitted hats for him. I particularly love the OBEY fitted hat that he rocks. I would wear one but I’m afraid of the ‘hat hair’ I may get from wearing one so I’ll decline. But from watching the ‘Pakurumo‘ video the other day [which I loved], I think we all got to see the playful side of Wiz Kid which makes us understand his choice of clothing. Some people like to be conservative in their dressing and others like to have fun with it. I’m sure, he would vote for having fun with it.

Another thing he [and every other Naija artist] can never go without, is a pair of shades. But the style of shades that he seems to wear a lot are the classic Ray-Bans [photographed above]. They frame his face and automatically make him look COOL.

Wiz Kid usually completes his look with varsity/denim jackets and vests but recently [at his album launch, photographed below] Wiz Kid cleaned up real nice sporting a blazer on top a white tee, jeans and [of course] a fresh pair of kicks. With someone like Wiz Kid and their style of dress, you don’t want to put them in a 3 piece suit. Why? Is he getting married? Not at all so while keeping it true to his style he still wore jeans and T-shirt underneath. It was still a clean look.

Apart from Denrele [and some others], Wiz Kid is another celeb that refuses to look like someone else and I commend that. Let’s not be a follower of fashion, be your own trendsetter and do you. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to do or wear otherwise and with that said…

What do you guys think of Wiz Kid’s style?

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    • Me too but I feel once he gets a little older he will…but for now he's still young so he can get away with it. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. For me i just Love the Kid… God bless him more & more with more swagg to Jinger our Lives & souls with his style…

  2. there is one thing abt him i really like is the pair of denim carrot pants he puts on….mehn the carrot pants is crazy.BOOM man u d bomb

  3. Y’all talking as if you don’t know Wizkid is gay¿ He raped my lil couz brother simply becoz my couz was cute


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