Celebrity Style Profile: Omawumi


Hey you all, hope all is well in your ‘hoods!

I’d like to spill some beans on the lovely Omawumi. Yes! The singer of songs like ‘If You Ask Me‘ and my favorite ‘Love Nwantinti‘. What shall we talk about, you ask? Well aside from her music, this Wonderwoman has further sparked my interest in her once red carpet photos of her surfaced on the net. I mean good music is already like crack for me but once you have the actual artist looking good and dressed well, I’m hooked. Shoot I may just become your next STAN kind of fan. Let me just say that any artist who takes their individual appearance and style into consideration must definitely receive an A+ from me and may possibly pass with flying colors.

Omawumi on one of many red carpet events. I’ve noticed that this lady is not afraid to show some skin, her legs in particular. I mean, if you got it! FLAUNT IT, so more power to her. The color of the material is striking along with the mini dress style and kudos to her for rocking the head tie.

The dashiki never looked so GOOD before this shot of her was released. I mean, I ended up sewing myself one after I saw this picture, NO LIE. The whole look worked for me. I love the lip color too. #aowW

Here she is on stage making Basketmouth look good. Just kidding, but once again Omawumi is flaunting those legs of hers. You can see that she loves prints that make you take notice. The exaggerated sleeves are just enough to balance out this knee skimming number.

If no one was to ever support Nigerian fashion and fabrics, we can all agree that she has done just that! Check out this sleeveless flared dress with its deep ‘V’ neckline. It’s simple yet fun… a style aesthetic that Omawumi seems to live by. None of her dresses say ‘I’m trying to be something I’m not’. Everything she wears fits her both physically and musically. All in all she’s definitely someone I can see myself styling someday.


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  1. Ma mehn!!! Well done. Mawumi is an angel to our generation. Dat her nu song 'if u ask me' has charmed me. All of a sudden she's lukin hota 2 me


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