Celebrity Style Profile: Genevieve Nnaji


Now I know some people may feel like we give Genevieve Nnaji so much love but can you blame us? I mean time and time again, she has delivered some great material in all the movies she has starred in. ( I suggest you watch ‘Letters to a Stranger’, its my favorite!) She was featured on Oprah and CNN! She has been featured in several magazines and has been the spokes-model for brands like MUD Cosmetics. She has created such an appealing image of Nollywood to the rest of the world and I applaud her efforts.

Now let’s get to why we’re here, whenever she steps out, (in the words of the prolific ‘Fabolous’), she be killing ’em! 

I absolutely love this look that she wore for the movie premiere of “Mirror Boy”. The gown is a Jewel By Lisa original and looks amazing on her. Lace is such a demure kind of material but black lace gives off such a sexy vibe. So ladies, for a night out on with your man or the girls, black lace tops or bottoms are a go …so indulge! Anyway back to Genevieve, the straight hair with the center part makes her look runway ready, like a model.

Here she is at the movie premiere of, “I’ll Take My Chances”. My guess is that this number is a full dress. I love the asymmetrical detail on the right side of her dress from the tapered sleeve to the draped material on the skirt. There is volume on the dress without losing her figure. Her make up compliments her wardrobe and I love that her hair is pinned back to show her face off.

And let’s not forgot to mention that this woman can take a GREAT photo! Kudos to the photographers but imagine the fierceness she is constantly serving them at each photo shoot. An artist is always inspired by its subject… and she is one helluva an inspiration!

Genevieve is one HAWT commodity and I wish her many more fabulous years of success!

PHOTO CREDIT: bellanaija.com


  1. Gosh Genevieve is wut God had in mind when he created a woman! For me she is the #1 black female entertainer in the world! yup, world! (yea yea there's a Naija bias there, but wutevs!) I mean, the woman is beautiful, the woman is fearlessly intelligent, the woman has strength of character, the woman is modest, the woman is ambitious, the woman is talented (duh!), the woman is classy (forget wutever ppl are calling swag), I can keep listing but I think I've made my point. I can only aspire…meanwhile, lemme just rock my black lace top.

  2. she's what i call the difference is clear, not just clear but very glaring. she's outstanding, beautiful, look descent, intelligent, not lousy and unpredictable being. keep it up genny.


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