Best And Worst Dressed At Susan Peters Movie Premiere


Let’s get right into it without too much long story


3. Uzo Osimkpa

Uzo Osimkpa
This was the best short dressed that walked the red carpet. Sometimes less really is more. She kept it simple and it paid off. This dress is the right fit, the right color, and very importantly, the right length. Only two complaints – It almost crosses the line that divides red carpet and professional meeting attires, and her make-up is a lot less than perfect. Putting her hair up and letting it fall to the back was definitely a great idea since the front ride side had some pleating detail. Peplum always seems to dress an outfit up whether it is on a skirt, a shirt or a dress, and this is no exception. I would’ve chosen pointed toe pumps as well, but instead of a shoulder bag I would’ve worn a clutch. Whichever way, she looks beautiful.

2. Mbong Amata

Let me just get this out the way. If she’s not pregnant, the cut on this skirt makes her look pregnant. Okay, that being said, I LOVE this outfit! The cut on the hi-low skirt is just right. The front is not too high and the back is not too low. Wearing an off-shoulder shirt was a great idea because it showed some skin and kept the look young and youthful. Wearing her hair up was great too. Her make-up looks a tad bit overdone, but it doesn’t spoil the look. Her choice of shoes with some rings in them was brilliant since she kept her accessories really simple. Using a coloured belt gave the whole look a nice little pop that helped tie it all together. Beautiful, Mbong, beautiful!

1. Susan Peters

Susan Peter

You know how people always talk about not stealing the spotlight from the star of the show? Well Susan didn’t allow her spotlight to be stolen hunny!! You may think that gold dress is hot but the black one Blew. Me. Away. That dress is perfection. I usually wont give an unadulterated approval to a dress with so much going on, but this works. Everything about it works. The fit is 100%, her hair and make-up are so on point, and the accessories are not overdone. I don’t think I have ever said this before on any fashion list, but there is absolutely nothing I would change about this. I didn’t get to see the shoes, so lets just assume that they work. Lol Susan, you came to win, and we see you girl!


3. Eunice Efole

Eunice Efole

There is one very simple trick to wearing lacy material with extremely large holes: Wear a one-colored inside piece, or line the outfit with a solid colored material. This outfit is not even bad at all. The singular thing that throws this off is the inside piece or the lining. Why is it so many colours? This would have been very satisfactory had it been just one colour. It would have even been pretty if it was all white. Also, lining the arms as well kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing such a large-holed lace material. If I wore this, I would have had the top lined only at the boobs, and the pants lined up to half way down the thigh – all in white. Another things that makes this outfit a little less flattering is the choice of lace. For an outfit without much structure, lace that looks like its about to fall apart is not the right choice. A clutch would’ve looked better too, but her accessories work with the look. Any hair do would work with this look – up, down, long, short, bun, braid, whatever. It’s just one of those looks that hair can’t really take away from. In general though, wrong choice of fabric, and messy lining.

2. Lilian Bach

Lilian Bach

So I like Lilian yeah, but this doesn’t look right. Let me tell you how I would style this “dress”. If I wore this, I would have a bathing suit underneath, nice flip flops, a big straw hat, sunglasses, and an Amaretto Sour in my hand. Yes, you guessed right. I would wear this as a cover up at the beach or by the pool. If you would rather wear this how she wore it than how I have described, I owe you 100 dollars. Just a tip: if a dress has such an uneven hemline, it is NOT a dressy piece. And the bag though? It makes her look 12. I don’t even know. This is just… not good.

1. WHO IS THIS? (Spiderwoman)

spider woman

You know the girl who wakes up the next morning after a great night out at a costume party singing Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night…”? This would be her. I couldn’t explain it differently. Who wears a dress with a spider and a web to a red carpet event? This looks like one of those N1000 dresses they sell in those zinc shops in Mararaba. I mean I would wear this to clean my house, or to go to mai shai. Her shoes are blood red and are completely off. To top it all off, she has a headband or glasses, or somethingggg on her head that reads “SWAG”. Lord have mercy. I hope this look is no indication of how her wardrobe is going to look this year. If it is, wake me up in 2016.

By @Khlowey_songz


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