Best And Worst Dressed At The 2015 Grammy Awards


You already know I’m in basking in the glory of the award season but I just had to remind you. Woo! ☺ Unfortunately though, I would be honest and say that I found the Grammy’s red carpet a little too underwhelming. I expected a lot more unexpected dresses and “wow” moments, and I didn’t get that at all. Nevertheless, we had looks good and bad enough to make a list, so without further ado, here, ladies and gentlemen, is my spill.

Worst Dressed

5. Madonna

A Madonna

I think she gets away with too much… way too much. Last year she spotted an overdone tuxedo look on the Grammy red carpet that wasn’t completely bad, but this year she took it downhill. This ensemble resembles a very well tailored and expensive Halloween costume. This should not have made it to the carpet. If they bounced people from the awards based on appearance, she wouldn’t be here. Take it to Halloween or a street party and this would be an exquisite outfit. But the Grammys? No.

4. Rihanna

A Rihanna

So I had a vague understanding of the phrase “love is blind” until I saw the Rihanna Navy praising this dress. I know y’all love Rihanna, but please, stop. This dress is every shade of u.g.l.y. She looks a hot mess. Her make-up and hair are simple and natural and that, I will say, I love. But Riri didn’t wear this dress. The dress completely wore her. People keep calling her a fashion Icon, but every time she makes a bold statement on the red carpet, I find the look very troubling, and many times inappropriate. This is just way too much curtain looking fabric and it makes her look pre-maternity. Just, No.

3.) Charlie XCX

A Charli XCX

I know you guys have read my thoughts on the female tuxedo look before, and if you recall anything from that piece, you would understand why this is such a fail. First off, the material looks like cheap taffeta you can pick off a shelf at the Walmart fabric section. Secondly, there is way too much going on with one look; its too many ideas compressed into one. That fur shawl that has fingers is so entirely out of place. The shirt on the inside is a little too busy, and the whole piece is poorly tailored. It looks a size to big in the bust area, but the first button on that blazer is holding to faith bruh. It’s bout to pop off with just one deep breath. The pink bow tie? Well, the waiter look revived. To top it all off, she looks 12. Who is she btw?


2.) Helen Lasichanh

A Helen Lusichanh

Pharell is known for doing the utmost when it comes to red carpets. So if I was going to be on his arm walking that carpet, I would have called Elie Saab, Alexandre Vauthier or Zuhair Murad and paid a good buck to be the one who gets talked about… IN A GOOD WAY. But she missed the memo though. Came to the Grammys looking like she just ran track; like she had to work out during the commercial breaks. Save the onesies – camel toe and all – for slumber parties or late Ihop runs. Everything is just so much less than mediocre. Her hair looks like a high school student who just rolled out of bed and didn’t feel like taking a shower. Her make-up is almost non-existent, and her shoes are completely ordinary. Miss, miss, miss.

1. Joy Villa

A Joy Villa

This is not Project Runway – there is no avant garde challenge at the Grammys. Neither is there an unconventional materials challenge at the prestigious award ceremony. Like, How? I can’t. Photographers need to strike on the carpets when people come out in outfits like these. They don’t deserve to be photographed. This is disturbing. Again, who is she? Absolutely nothing is right about this. Nothing at all.
Head to toe, this is wrong. I wish I could hear Joan Rivers tearrrrrr this aparttt!!



Now a lot of the nice dresses on the carpet were nothing out of the ordinary. They were nice and notable like Beyonce or Chrissy Teigen, but they were just “that nice dress”. As a result, outstanding looks were seemingly missing from this carpet, and this list has three recipients only. Lets see if you agree!

3. Lady Gaga

A Lady Gaga

Now before you chop off my head, just hear me out. Lady Gaga looks normal for once, and she really is stunning. She’s not making an arrival is a human sized egg-incubator, or dressing up in meat. Her hair is well done, and you can tell she exudes some confidence in that dress. Now, I will say its not the most beautiful or flattering dress on her, or even at all, but Lady Gaga looks amazing just being a normal woman. Her performance outfit was all shades of killer too! She deserves this spot for coming out of that weirdness into a comfortable place. I loved it!

2.Taylor Swift

A Taylor

This is one person that consistently brings it home on the red carpet, but doesn’t really make my lists for whatever reason. This time though, she stood out so powerfully. This number is EVERYTHING and more. Her hair is perfect! That side bang somehow compliments the opening on the front of her dress so nicely. The cutouts are uniquely placed and the fabric sits perfectly. An inch or two longer, and this dress would have looked a hot hot mess. Her limited jewelry lets the dress speak its volumes – literally. The pleats give it nice volume and the inside skirt is not too long, and not too short. The only thing I would change about this look is wear shoes that are maybe not so contrasting. Because her earrings have silver accents, I would’ve played on that with silver shoes. But ultimately, Taylor looks fabulous!


1. C.I.A.R.A. ladies and gentlemen.

A Ciara

Ciara was the Grammys pride this year. I was so speechless when I saw this dress. From every single angle, this is winning is every single way. The way that belt brings shine to the dress is unbelievable. The shaping of the whole dress was done so expertly. The hair, the make-up, the shoes – everything was perfection. I can’t find one bad thing to say about this dress or the entire look. I want this in my closet so bad! This is the kind of dress you wear and are confident that no one else will show up in. Ciara herself knew she was fierce. The looks she threw at the photographers were like “Get a good picture. This isn’t everyday business.” I can’t say it enough how much I love this dress. This is the definition of Flawlessness. Girl you better worrrkkk!

That wraps it up folks. I feel like I am going to get more disagreeing than agreeing so sound off in the comments. Let me know.

By @_shanpepe_


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