Best And Worst Looks That Walked The Elite Model Look Nigeria Blue Carpet



5. Tina Fatusin

This outfit didn’t make the best dressed list because it is so spectacular. I think it made it because it was quite different from everything else. I love a good crop top and a palazzo pant too! I wear this combination a lot. The crop top is perfect, but I just wish the pants were about an inch or two longer. Palazzo pants always look nicer when the seam hits the floor. Always. I am slightly troubled by that piece of hair on her left (your right) side that is significantly longer than the rest, but that’s me just being a perfectionist. Could’ve looked better, but I do like it!


4. Yvonne Ekwere

I really really really like this. These shirts with the long train make me so happy! I actually really like that it blends so well with the carpet, and I have no idea why, but that might also just be the photography. Because the outfit is rather plain, the detailing on the neck of that cover-up adds a little drama and an extra edge to it. I love the shoes, and I appreciate her choice of pants. I would’ve liked her to wear all of her hair back, but she still looks fabulous and fierce! Beautiful!



3. Andrea Iyamah

Who is she? I don’t even know, and I haven’t heard about her, but everything about her look is beautiful! I absolutely love that dress. Its not body fitting like many of the other ones that walked the carpet, but the deep neckline (which might just be some buttons left unbuttoned) adds an edge of sexiness to the whole look, but not too much. The straight hair is so perfect, and I love that she didn’t care about matching her shoes and purse but it still works so well. This is very flawless. I love it!


2. Omowunmi Akinnifesi

The only problem I have with this look is that her dress is rumpled towards the bottom. I remember Rihanna wearing a really rumpled skirt on a carpet about two years and apparently that was the style of the skirt. But please you guys, let’s not make rumpled clothing a thing. That aside, this ensemble is absolutely gorgeous – the fit, the length, the colour, the styling, the hair, the make-up, the accessories. I love e v e r y t h i n g. I wouldn’t change one thing about this, but put an iron on it.


1. Eku Edewor

Miss Edewor is not one to overdo things on an event carpet with her outfits, and when I look at her, I do agree that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is perfect in every way shape and form. It’s some skin, but not too much. Because of the detailing on the lace, accessories being left out takes nothing away from the beauty of this outfit. Now the shoes I wouldn’t personally wear, but there is no denying that they work. Black was a perfect colour to go against her skin tone, and her hair and make-up are just right. Love, love, love.





5. Bertha Amuga

I’m not so sure where to start from with this. The whole look in its entirety doesn’t come across too bad. However, the dress is ill-fitting. The length is weird, and all together its just way too much pink – jewelry, dress, bag. Might be because I’m not exactly a fan of pink, but this dress looks like an outfit a contestant would get sent home for on Project Runway. It does nothing for her body, and she actually does look like she has nice curves. The detailing is nice, but the sleeves are so different that it becomes a tad bit awkward. And exactly why do they extend all the way down to her upper waist? And then white shoes? Yeah, I’m just not a fan.



4. Bubu Ogisi

Two things are right about this look; her hair, and her makeup. Now everything else? Sigh. This is not an 80’s party. Lose the pants. And why is her tuck-in so badly done? The shirt is puffing out around her waist on every single side. You can’t tuck in a shirt that is too long – either it will puff out at the waist, or create an unpleasant bulge in your pants behind and in front. The general idea for this look isn’t bad at all, but the execution is pretty poor. That bag with the white tassel hanging from it is so off. But there were worse looks. Moving on…



3. Temi Dollface

So uhmm, when I was in elementary school, we had these days when grade 1-5 would all dress up as some character and a presenter would present each of us individually. The event was called a costume parade. This outfit reminds me of that wayyyy too much. First of all, it is not appropriate for the event. Secondly, you don’t accessorize an outfit with every single colour that is on your dress – literally. That headpiece looks like it should be Santa’s, and the combination of colours makes her look like an unbalanced rainbow. This isn’t a good look. At all. We need more mirrors in the world or something.


2. Robinson

I am extremely bothered that she thought this outfit was good enough to wear… at all. Minus fashion rules, I think it is common sense that you don’t really pair baggy tops with baggy bottoms, especially in this manner. Even individually, I don’t think any of these pieces are good enough for a carpet. Doesn’t she have friends? Then the sneakers paired with those schoolgirl socks are frankly annoying. Her bag looks like a kids treasure box with handles, and…and… uhmmm, I’m just tired. This looks very bad.



1. Girl with the long braids

This outfit made me want to scream. I’m still trying to understand if the designer had a vision when designing this, and if this was styled with a stylist or styled by herself. It is extremely terrible. Head to toe. The top is weirdly sewn. It looks like the material isn’t sitting right. And what is with the white hemline on the neck and sleeves? Then that huge flower is just plain ugly and out of place. The purse and shoes are not just a bad combination, but bad individually for this look. (P.S I cannot stand these slippers. Ugh) Finally, that braid hanging down her forehead looks what what we used to do when we were young to look cool. If the whole outfit was army green, paired with some nude pointy-toed pumps, and all her hair pulled back, it would look a million times better. This is a huge mi(/e)ss.

Written by @_shanpepe_


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