Beauty Of The Week: Veronique Adaa


Let’s meet Veronique Adaa, this week Beauty Queen right here on!

Veronique was born April 2nd 1984 in Nigeria Rivers State Port Harcourt, into the family of the Cyprian’s and as the oldest of three siblings and three brothers all talented singers and dancers.

At the age of 25 she went to a popular auditions in France Paris (‘Nouvelle Star‘) unfortunately by then her French was just at the early stage. Since then, she has been focusing on learning French and writing songs where English and French are mix in a sweet manner.


At 29 she recorded her first single titled “Radio Now” at Finesse production studio in Nigeria, her song immediately knew success in the Clubs in Gabon where she lived with her husband and daughter for two years. Veronique decided to stay in Nigeria to promote and distribute her single across Radio stations, shows, producers/ music marketers, she has now completed her second single and her album.


Although, her interest for music began at the age of five in Church; until the age of 18 when she started singing in pubs, as well as some live acoustic performance.
At 18, Veronique  started writing her own songs, at 22 she was featured in Senorita‘s second single titled “Drop It Like is Hot!” a lively R&B performance that got a notable success in various Radio stations

Check out her latest music video released here:

VIDEO: Veronique Adaa – Do Me Like This

Photos of beautiful Veronique here:






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