Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History


What is beautiful is subjective, but if we look back on paintings and sculptures, fashion and style of the women through history, we cannot deny the fact that each era brought with it it’s own definition of an attractive woman.

The Age of Cleopatra

When we think about the queen of Egypt,  that is said to be one of the most beautiful women in history, we think about long dark hair, perfect symmetrical face, and black kohl that she always had around her eyes. She had a slender figure, slim shoulders and a high waist that was always emphasized with the long sleek dresses she wore.

Manly Greece

From around 500 to 300 BC, ancient Greek could have been considered male-centric, as their physique was more emphasized. For a women to be considered beautiful at that time, she would have to have boyish figure.

Catholic Italy

In renaissance Italy, women were part of patriarchal society, and her body was said to reflect her husband’s status. At that time, those who had fuller figure, rounded hips and breast were considered attractive. Their skin was aristocratic pale, with high foreheads and blond hair.

Victorious England

Queen Victoria, young wife and a mother, who was the most influential woman of 19th century England, dictated the style for all the women in the country. It was the era of corsets which purpose was to make women’s waists as tight as possible, emphasizing it, together with their breasts and hips. Their hourglass figure was what made them feminine, together with long beautiful hair.

They Call them Flappers

Completely opposite to what Victoria had in mind, American women in 1920s had no intention of getting married while still young and beautiful. They cut their long hair, flattened their breasts and downplayed their waists. Boyish look was what they were going for, so no curves allowed.

Marilyn Hollywood Look

Light white summer dress fluttering in the wind while Ms Monroe is trying to cover her curvy figure is an image that no one will ever forget. Between 1930s and ’50s, women were restricted when it came to what they could wear or how they should act, but this diva with her luscious curves and slim waist  showed that with the combination of Victorian figure and flapper attitude, women can rule the world.

The Slimmer the Better

After a long time, introduced by Twiggy, extremely slim figure was what was considered attractive. This model showed women of that time how to wear miniskirts and A-line shaped clothes, especially short dresses, to show off their legs.

Exercise Time

Ever since Jane Fonda appeared with her aerobic instructions, women slipped into comfortable gym suits and worked out their way to slim, but still athletic figure that meant strong arms and legs, as well as flat stomachs that showed just how much effort they made and how much they cared about their looks, as well as health.

On the Runway

After a short “heroin period”, supermodel era started and was more demanding than ever. It lasts up to today, and it is one of the hardest figures to achieve: women are supposed to stay skinny, yet curvy in the right places, exercise, but not too much, eat less, but stay healthy. As it is extremely hard to reach this goal, experts from Sydney say that breast lift together with tummy tuck and butt lift are the most popular surgeries today. Only with the right exercise can women achieve what is considered the ideal of beauty, and not only is it hard to find the time, but also an professional trainer to help you work out properly.

But in the end, remember that you should not be bothered by momentary standards of beauty, as you are perfect just the way you are, and they might change at any moment. Take good care of your body, always try to look the best you can, but most importantly, put your health first, regardless of the ongoing fashion trends.


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