How To Get a Great Bikini Beach Body for Summer


The countdown to summer has started. Now, if you have been a good girl, eaten your vegetables, and done your exercises, you have nothing to worry about. But, on the other hand, if you have treated yourself with a “couple” of hamburgers and chocolate bars too many, you have work to do. One does not simply enters into a bikini after months of being wrapped into layers of clothing, and let’s be honest, there are some inches of our bodies that have been neglected. So, how to resolve that problem in a couple of easy steps?

It’s sweating time!

Who said easy? Well, yes this might not be as easy as the rest of the steps, but it’s essential. It doesn’t have to be five days a week in a gym. Sometimes all it takes is jogging a couple of days in a week, or doing some short morning series of exercises. Not only you’ll feel better, but if you develop a steady routine, you can lose some of those unwanted pounds caused by fall/winter cravings.

Goodbye to pasta!

It’s about time to break up with carbohydrates and sugar. Just a short time without these two food ingredients, will make a big difference. If your body can’t rely on carbs for energy, it starts to burn fat. For a change, try introducing more proteins to your nutrition, such as fish, eggs and legumes. And don’t forget to eat your vegetables and buy this multivitamin to fulfill your daily nutritional needs.

Who wants unwanted body hair?

You couldn’t possibly think that you can welcome the summer all fuzzed-up? It’s about time to get rid of the winter coat. It is the essential beach prep must do. The best way of doing that is, thank to modern technology, laser hair removal. It’s basically a simple process where the laser zaps your unwanted hair impeding their ability of regrowing, and providing you with smooth skin ready for cat-walking on the beach.


A key for a gentle and smooth beach ready skin is regular exfoliation. After all, you wouldn’t want to start the sunbathing season with something dead on you. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, making your body a perfectly fine base for taning. So, you can’t possibly imagine, this “getting ready for the beach” list without a body scrub.

Nail(ed) It!

Flip-flops, sandals, and wedgies. Summer is the time when we reveal our toes and feet, so we should make sure that they are well taking care of. Make an appointment with your pedicure and manicure, and give your feet and hands a well deserved pampering. As for the choice of nail polish, well we’ll leave that to you. Although we’d recommend coral or pastel shades, for a proper summer cheerfulness.

After these 5 small steps, you’re perfectly ready to attract glances and sighs, with every step you make. Don’t wait a second more, summer will be here in a blink of an eye.


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