Anna Ebiere Banner (Miss Bayelsa) Wins Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, MBGN 2013

Anna Ebiere Banner MBGN 2013 Winner
Anna Ebiere Banner MBGN 2013 Winner
Anna Ebiere Banner MBGN 2013 Winner
Anna Ebiere Banner MBGN 2013 Winner

The pageants in done, and we now have a new Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria this year.

The 26th edition of the beauty pageant took place in Yenogoa, Bayelsa tonight the 20th of July, 2013 and Anna Ebiere Banner representing Bayelsa State was crowned the winner of the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria – MBGN 2013. She is the most beautiful girl in Nigeria and with this win, will represent Nigeria at the Miss World pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia later this year.

At 18 years of age, she will be one of the youngest winners of the MBGN crown. The winner of MBGN 2012 Isabella Ayuk presented her with the crown.

The top 5 finalists along with Anna Ebiere were Miss Imo (Stephanie Okwu) as first runner up, Miss Adamawa (Powede Lawrence) as second runner up, Miss Kaduna(Enoma Agboniko) as third runner up & Miss Abuja (Melissa Devidal) as fourth runner up. The first runner up, Miss Imo (Stephanie Okwu) will be representing Nigeria at the Miss Universe pageant.

Other winners include, Miss Photogenic – Miss Kano, Miss Amity – Miss Bayelsa, Miss Charismatic – Tomilayo Salami (Miss Kwara) & Best Traditional Costume – Miss Bayelsa.

Big Congrats Anna Ebiere, the MBGN 2013 winner! The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2013 winner.

Anna Ebiere Banner - MBGN 2013 winner
Anna Ebiere Banner – MBGN 2013 winner


First Runner Up Stephanie Okwu
First Runner Up Stephanie Okwu
Powede Lawrence, 2nd runner up
Powede Lawrence, 2nd runner up
Enoma Agboniko, 3rd Runner Up
Enoma Agboniko, 3rd Runner Up
Melissa Devidal. 4th runner up
Melissa Devidal. 4th runner up



  1. Nice 1 she’s pretty tho but seriously I didn’t think miss abuja was qualified 4 any award cas she 4ked up big time bt all d MBGN contestants dey all tried.tumbs*up*

  2. Congratz sweet..Miss Bayelsa u Rock…Miss Imo u Rock much Geh..we r proud of u..Kip goin higher cuz datz where all imo’s belong…*smiles*Miss Abuja fucked up big tyme..Congrats to all d 5 top contestants

  3. I must confess is a rily nice competiotion some pple has to drop to keep d game goin.. As for mis bayelsa congrate…. For miss buja…. She try is not easy to face croud…. I rily appreciate her…. If u no u can do beta u should have…. Once again mis s abuja more grace to ur pretty elbow

  4. Big congrats to miss bayelsa (Anna Ebiere Banner), kudos to miss Adamawa & Imo. I also wish d rest of d contestant d very best in lyf!

  5. thumbs up 2 miss bayelsa for making us proud, sincerely we appreciate your effort and we do believe that you will still keep the flag flying at the forthcoming miss world competition at jakarta in indonesia.

  6. all contestant.miss bayelsa,imo n adamawa more kudos,u babes rock.miss buja u try ok cos is nt easy to b in top 5.

  7. am just short of words,anywayz, congrats 2 all d contestants 4 dia attempt,and more especially….miss Bayelsa,Imo,kaduna,adamawa etc.kudos 2 u.

  8. My swt, miss imo I sight you, and will all know that you did perfectly well, I love you and ezzinna miss Nigeria, you guys are making us go fly..congratulations…miss MBGN you own th crown so keep smiling, one love..valerie geo loves you all

  9. Hmm is nt an easy task @ all….many pple were screened out..Kudos 2 Miss Bayesal she’s rilli pretty…but Delta didn’t try oo…ma own state…al d same…more grace 2 u elbow Miss Nigeria…@ Anna Banner

  10. My baby ANNA, .I can see the hand work of God mightiiy in your life.i know that God who has started this good work in your life is always there to perfect his work till the end in Jesus name-Amen. Thank you for making me happy. Congratulations to you my belove baby.

  11. Honestly, I don’t believe that miss Bayelsa actually deserve the crown. Miss Imo was far better. Just becos the contest was held in Bayelsa in the presence of the state governor who remained on his seat from the begining to the end, it does not mean that his state representative must win it. Must we rig everything in Nigeria?

  12. Who is saying Anna does’nt deserve d crown? She merits it in all.d u follow up all as d pageants tour for mbgn?boths interviews and all?d award is not jus for physical beauty, it has to do with inner beauty and intellects.Akudo and Anna Ebiere, u both deserves more.miss world awaits any of u.

  13. Anna u did very well u dserve it all,wishn u all d best @ miss world careless abt wat pipo say.anybody dat does nt hav anytin nyc to say to uplift her shld not talk @ all


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