And Just Where Do You Think You Are Going To, Dressed Like That??


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Recently, I was supposed to attend a party with my homegirls but somewhere in between things came up and we ended up not going. The next day I was chatting with a male friend of mine, who had happened to go for the party and along the course of the conversation…I asked him how the party was.
His response was (and I paraphrase): ‘It was wack, and a bunch of the women in there looked like Nigerian prostitutes‘ …
After I had laughed my head off at his very blunt statement, I asked him what he meant by the term ‘Nigerian prostitute’ and he said that a good percentage of the ladies in the building were dressed like skanks and should have left a lil somn somn to his male imagination as opposed to practically baring their goodies for the world to see. Now, keep in mind that this man is far from a prude or anything of the sort so I was quite surprised to hear all that coming from his male perspective. I thought guys liked to see that kind of stuff since everyone says that ‘men are such visual creatures‘ and blah blah blah.

I mean, I for one stays talking about how I just can’t get with the way some women in these modern times dress up (or more like dress down) to hit the club/party scene. Call me a judgmental prude, but it is what it is. I feel like, as the years slide by…the dresses get shorter, tighter, lower and what have you. Women are now substituting their little sister’s shirts for dresses, and let’s not talk about how the concept of a bodycon dress has been totally abused and ladies are now rocking such dresses that are at least two sizes smaller. I’ve browsed Facebook picture coverage of events and seen cleavages cut so low, that I could have sworn that I saw a hint of nipple. Chicks with triple D breasts are now rocking V neck tops to the extent that you just know that their asses go to the club/party and sit down in a corner throughout ‘cos if they get up to dance and make a wrong move, a titty might pop out and slap a hapless person in the face. In fact, I remember partying in New York in the recent past, and some chick stepped up in what had to have been a tube top that she decided to turn into a dress by force. I’m sure if I had peeked a little closer, I would have seen some pubic hair…yep, the dress was that short. It was quite a shame.
When I see women dressed in such foolery, I just want to pull them aside and say ‘my sister, you are more than that na…ah ah!‘…but for the most part, I really just want to carry koboko and flog them for skanking up my line of vision.

So, if you’re a woman who likes to get up in such foolishness, then what is really hood? What message are you trying to send when you step up in someone’s club dressed like a skank? In your mind’s eye, is that supposed to be sexy? If so, you need to go back to the drawing board and try again because those get-ups are far from sexy. Are you trying to draw male attention and get a couple of numbers? Ok, I gotta give it to you…I’m sure you’ll succeed in that effort. Like our guy M.I will say… ‘Oya clap for yourself, well done‘. But what kind of male attention is that? Is it quality…or are these men simply trying to get all in your goodies and keep it moving. I mean if they are trying to hit and quit, then I can’t say that I blame them. After all shey na you wey step up inna di club looking like a ‘Nigerian Prostitute’.

Don’t get me wrong now, ain’t nothing wrong in drawing attention to your assets, but you don’t have to practically go half naked in an effort to flaunt those assets. If you have big breasts, you can still wear that v neck top that showcases some cleavage, but does it have to be cut so low? If you are thick or curvy, sure you can still show the world what you are working with but does the dress have to be so tight/short? That’s what happens when you shop in the juniors section of the store when you know that you have no business being there. And in general, whatever size you are…lepa or orobo, does your dress have to be so short?

Ultimately, the key thing that I hope that someone takes away from this little spiel of mine is that less is more. You don’t have to parade around naked in an effort to feel ‘sexy’, to be noticed as the hottest chick in the room or to get those numbers. You are more than your ass and titties so dress like you’re worth something. You can definitely look sexy without coming off as a so called Nigerian Prostitute so let’s try to do better folks!…(not like I’m holding my breath or anything).

And with all that said, I’m off. Catch y’all later.

PS:- If you felt a burn of indignation while reading my  then 1. I suggest that you drink a glass of cold water and 2. Definitely overhaul your closet. Ha!


  1. I miss your blog entries OM. To this I say GBAM. I don't know where we got the idea that having your bottom cheeks show will get you the attention that you truly seek ( I go to lounges with antibac wet wipes to wipe down my seat because folks wear those short shirts em dresses with no undies…ew). Its even spread to Church too, my fellow women have decided that the minis and tight dresses are fit for the house of the Lord….ican't.

  2. Why u dey vex nah?… Is It Your Body?… I feel you tho. The standard for being sexy has been getting more and more provocative as time passes by. Blame it on Keri hilson…lol.

    Then again, I think when babes are younger they tend to be bolder with these things… as they get older, common sense sets in and they start realizing that no be so u go carry man.

    Plus I think part of it is that babes compete with themselves for who is the sexiest… Anyways, nah dem sabi. If they show, I'll look …kiloconsine'm

    • Haha did you say younger? Please give me the age range you consider "younger" versus "older". I have seen 26/27 year olds who still dress this way. Is that not old enough? Maybe its cos I am in NY but some of the people at Nigerian parties need deliverance. By the way, why didn't the author mention the way some Naija guys dress at parties? Wearing a full suit, sunglasses at night, and fake bling. Or the ones with the jeggings parading as jeans coupled with brightly colored t-shirts and fake jewelry.

  3. lol. I feel you on this one. The nigerian parties I go to are filled with girls in the tightest and absolutely cheapest clothes. Cheap,cheap,cheap! lol at turn into a dress by force.

    and at the end when you say less is more…dosen't that contradict all that you have previously stated

    • I think she's talking about less skin is more not less clothes is more. Good writeup and great points. I agree! That being said, every girl gotta have their little black dress tho 😀 still tasteful and stylish and accentuating your body type. Lotsa ladies gotta do better sha.

  4. I went to a party the other day and some girls wore some cheap beyond low cut dresses dat it was like they came there looking for quickies. Even if u want to seduce,seduction is an art and art is beautiful.

  5. Haha.

    Honestly, i wouldn't call anyone who chooses to dress that way a skank or prostitute. Lol. I feel like there's something the person is overcompensating for and hopefully they find deliverance asap. They have to realize they are more than their bodies.

    But then again you can't really blame some women for choosing to dress that way. After all society chooses to celebrate female celebrities who dress like their tailors ran away with half of the material for their clothes. So go figure.

    Lol @ Ijuscant's experience. But seriously, who goes out wearing clothes without undies?..Is that supposed to be cute?…sigh…God help us.

    To each their own…

  6. This is a very good writeup. I understand what u r talking about,most ladies, no I wouldn't call them ladies, have thrown decency in the air. What I feel is the main culprit in this indecency in dressing is low self esteem. Why u may ask, these women feel that d only way they can get noticed by d opposite sex is by being skimply dressed. women with self confidence wld always be properly dressed not caring if they r noticed or not,cos they know their worth, knowing that not being noticed at an occassion or party doesn't define ones worth. I feel that these women should attend self esteem sessions.

  7. Preach! It actually makes me weak to see girls dressed like that! I don't care if you're stepping into a club dressing half naked is not cute. Granted everyone is entitled to wear what they want, go ahead and do you. But at the end of the day the signal you send will eventually catch up with you.

  8. @Ijustcant: your comment is quite true about wearing these things to church. I recently attended a Nigerian church service at a disclosed location in MD (points elbow at Jesus House) and the women were dressed like they were entering the club or had just left it and decided to come straight to church. My friend and I were like what is going on here…I guess whatever it takes to catch the roaming eye of someone's husband…

  9. This is the world we live in my people…..

    we are misguided in many ways and how we portray ourselves is a major part of it…. Some people have self esteem issues, some lack confidence, some are insecure and we tend to compensate for all these flaws in different ways.

    na the issue be that…..

    lovely article though…..

    It hits the nail on the head and thats coming from a woman so much respect…..


  10. The life we live now is a free world, if its ok on d person wearing it, i belive its ok too. nowadays u dont hv 2 imposed any dresscode 4 anyone. the world is going fashionable.

    • I think the point is more that it's not necessarily fashionable to dress in a manner that makes it impossible to tell you apart from a hooker. But then again, every man for his own. If you're comfortable that way, rock it, but don't dress that way and then start pulling down your skirt to cover your p**** or pulling up your top to make sure your breasts don't fall out.

  11. i just guess civilization is going back to the start from Adam and eve ,'Wrong' is one of those concepts that depends on witnesses.we talk and talk like non of you guys have wish to be with one of dos girls any way my point is that you cant compare your home training with some people what is moral to you may be someone wost enemy is a free world if you like dress with your ass out dos it disturb you .i live in an island were people wrlk naked at list people still cover dey breast to party so never juge ,Nigeria or no Nigeria that why we can never move forward when c people wll do things we keep cretising them face your wahala lol History is a voice forever sounding across the centuries the laws of right and wrong. Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral law is writen how do you know which is moral ,which is not we just fellow because our great father became what we cal civilization today , am show if nakedness, be come normal am sure one of you wll be among the first to start, were ever we live


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