7 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own


What is the most special affair that women love? Is it the beautiful dress? Is it the elegant neckpiece? Is it the trendy wrist watch? Is it the Stylish handbag? All these have a special place in women’s heart, but the one that completes a look is a sexy pair of shoes. Candace Bergen, a famous American model said that “no matter what one’s wardrobe costs, if paired with quality shoes, everything looks high quality.” No matter how much shoes a girl own, she will always feel like having more and more. And a classic woman has somewhere around 10 to 50 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. Woman’s feet tend to have the same size and that what makes purchasing shoes a long term investment. Thus, it is a superb idea to spend some money on fashionable and stylish shoes.

Have a look below at 10 classic style shoes that every woman should have in her closest:


Classic Pump

Let’s start with the basic pump that is among the most versatile shoes any woman can have. It can go with everything and is perfect for the workplace, for a dinner with family or dear ones or can say for a house party. It is an all event shoe and can be worn with dress or skinny jeans. Investing in black pair of pump shoes can do wrong and a feeling a woman will have after wearing is amazing and superb. Nude pump completes an evening look and can be worn with dark colored outfits. Though it comes in a variety of colors and heel heights, finding the most suitable one on shoe hero is no problem.



Moving on to the most worn out shoes- boots which come in different styles like knee high boots, western boots, over the knee boots, leather boots and so on. They can be paired with everything from dresses to jeans. Flat boots are typical and look great with bootcut jeans, while ankle boots are one of the hottest style shoes going. And your wardrobe is incomplete without knee high boots which are best for casual and formal settings. Whatever the occasion, go for knee high-boots in colors like black, grey or brown that can be worn with just about anything in your closest.


Ballet Flats

Most of the women love to let their feet rest and as a result would like to wear a pair of ballet flats. These are the shoes which have no heels and are designed to make you feel as if strolling on a cloud. Ballet flat shoes are available in an array of colors and can be worn with dresses, pleated skirts, jeans, shorts and cutoffs. Some of the brands that you might dream to wear are hush puppies, camper, clarks, betty London and the list goes on. The comfort and style proffered by these brands is far beyond the price tags swinging over the straps.

The Wedges

A famous shoe style which can be best paired with denim and shorts, the wedges are certain to give the wearer a lift. It is comfortable and was discovered in 1936 by Italian fashion designer called Salvatore Ferragamo. It is the perfect shoe for summer as they are super comfortable and make you feel awesome on hot summer night.

Kitten Heels

These are perfect for those days when you desire to look feminine. Even if you don’t make much effort to get ready for the party, you will end up looking classy. For a refined look, you can just match up with a beautiful dress and trendy bag.

Ballet Pumps

Do you like to roam around in comfortable and stylish pair of shoes? If yes, then make ballet pumps your first choice and team up with cool t-shirt and shorts. Every woman should have these pumps in her wardrobe. It can go everywhere and is super comfortable to be worn all day long. Cute enough for a lunch, lively for a night out with friends, ballet pumps make a woman look sexier and cuter.



You might own a sexy pair of stilettos and may be you even looking for another heel here and there. These not only lengthened your legs but also help you give gorgeous look. One can buy them from online shops as it offers great discounts at the end of season.


Another sort of shoe every woman must have in her wardrobe….lovely pair of sandals. They are perfect for the beach party and a hang out with dearest ones. Make your day pleasurable by wearing slouchy tank-top, shorts and flip-flops. A right pair of sandals turns your bad day into a good one.

Collect all 7 of these stylish collections of shoes and complement any fashion statement. These can be paired with a wide array of outfits. No matter how many shoes you have, your wardrobe is incomplete with owning these trendy styles.


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