7 looks We Loved From The Lauryn Hill in Lagos Red Carpet 


7 looks we loved from the Lauryn Hill event in Lagos.

This was a harder list to write for the single reason that it wasn’t exactly a formal event, but it had a red carpet. Therefore, it’s hard to say what an inappropriate look would be for this, so we have left out the worst dressed on this list. We’ll probably be back with it in the next list, but before then, here’s some looks we loved!

7. Mrs. Adepoju

I know this isn’t the traditional best dressed look, but the reason why I love this look is that captan top!! I’m in love with it. I have always loved ladies in caftans and this is so catchy. The embroidery is beautiful! There are many things I would change though. I greatly dislike the shoes – colour and style. Something simpler would’ve been better. Also, as soon as i saw this, i wished she had worn the caftan pants. I don’t like the hair too, but I’m not exactly sure why. Her earrings are too long, and that Bluetooth…. Why? Needs to come off. But the caftan top, i absolutely love.

6. Dima Okojie

I can’t standddd these shoes. ? ugh. Now that that’s out of the way, this look is beautiful!! Her hair is perfect for this outfit, and all together its a perfect combination of dressy and casual. I love the rips in the jeans, and I don’t mind that her bag is not little. Just… These shoes. Drive. Me. Crazy. Moving on.

5. Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi

I love love loveee combining an ankara top with a pair of dressy pants, and this look reminds me why. Its all perfection. Her hair is tied too, but it works way too perfect for me to be bothered by it. Its very simple, but classy enough. Lovely outfit!

4. Titilope Sonuga

These trench blazers are so cute and are making the bulk of the trendy street style in recent times. Titilope wears this so effortlessly well. What I truly love about this outfit is the colour combination. I love that the accessories are minimal because nothing takes away from the beauty of that longline blazer. Her hair, I’m not a fan of. Every one knows I’m not about this natural hair life – real or fake so… Thats not news. But i’d wear this in a heartbeat; purse and shoes inclusive.

3. Andrea Manuela

Now this!!!! Is a well tailored jumpsuit. I’ve seen so many jumpsuits on these carpets that are very poorly tailored and way too short. This one is total perfection. The fit, the length, the fabric, the tailoring, the styling; everything is just so dope! Seyi shay had worn something similar at a red carpet in a striped brown and black about a year ago, and it wasn’t nearly as nice. This is def one of the best i’ve seen. Kudos to her!

2. Swank Jerry

Joggers just came into trends reallly big, and all of a sudden everyone is wearing them… Everywhere. I saw this outfit, and the first thing i thought was, “I want this”. The whole look is amazing. I loved it more than the suits and dressy looks the guys wore. My only problem with this is that the cap is evidently too big. Apart from that though, I absolutely love it. Its so simple, but so fab! I’m going to try to replicate this.

1. Unidentified Guest

I don’t know who this girl is, but this is SO fabulous! I love every single thing. I wouldn’t change one thing – not the hair, not the styling, not the accessories. Nothing. This is a perfect outfit. And, she’s beautiful. Complete WIN. Yas!

That’s all peeps! Catch me next time.

– Shanpepe (@_shanpepe_)



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