5 Things Wrong With Dencia’s Outfit To The Billboard Awards 2015


I’ve been looking at this Dencia‘s outfit to the Billboard Awards 2015 for the past 5 mins trying to gain some understanding as to what my eyes are being subjected to. What kind of punishment is this? (More Pictures)


Let’s jump and take a look at 5 things that are wrong with this outfit.

1. It Looks Cheap – First off, the outfit looks cheap. Everything about just looks like it was picked up at Yaba bend-down select. Now I’m sure it’s expensive (or not), but it looks cheap.


2. It’s 5 Years Late – The bright neon look with the shiny visors is what the crazy hollywood peeps wore in 2010, and 2011. With the way her visor is looking, Dencia’s time machine maybe be faulty and should’ve set her back to 2010.

3. The Face In The Middle Will Scare Kids – That creepy face outline in the middle of the outfit can give kids nightmares. I mean, I’m scared to sleep now after seeing it, not to talk of kids.


4. Doesn’t Look Comfortable – The thought that came to my mind when looking at this outfit, was how comfortable or uncomfortable it is. Can she walk well? isn’t she burning up? Can even sit down without some level of discomfort? These are the issues.

5. She’s Trying Too Hard To Be Noticed – This isn’t the first time someone has “mistakenly” thought Dencia was Nikki Minaj. You have to think that Dencia is trying a bit too hard to be noticed, more especially when she’s not really doing anything besides selling bleaching products.


If there’s one good thing, the hair is good. At least she got that one right.



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